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Cannes: EFP Unveils line-up for Producers On The Move 2013

Cannes: EFP Unveils line-up for Producers On The Move 2013

European Film Promotion has special programs highlighting talent in Berlin (Shooting Stars), a Producer Lab in Toronto, 10 Directors to Watch at Karlovy Vary, European Directors at Busan and a great networking party at AFM.  For 14 years EFP has hosted Producers on the Move in Cannes.  This year  29 producers from 29 different European countries will take part in the event from 18 to 21 May, 2013. The Republic of Kosovo* and Montenegro will both be represented for the first time this year with a producer. These are the producers who set the ball rolling on projects, forge coalitions and conjure up a film out of an idea. Film producers are increasingly looking past their national borders. In order to facilitate an exchange with similarly ambitious colleagues from other European countries and showcase their range of achievements, European Film Promotion (EFP) offers a platform for networking to carefully selected producers. 12 of the 29 producers are women ♀.

Looking back at the 2012 edition of Producers on the Move, almost all of the producers are still in contact with one another to follow up on ideas. 17 from last year’s 25 participants (68%) are already working on 15 co-productions. 

The group of former participants includes such internationally known and award-winning producers as Ada Solomon from Romania (Child’s Pose), Bettina Brokemper from Germany (Bal), Louise Vesth from Denmark (Melancholia) and Siniša Juričić from Croatia (Sofia’s Last Ambulance).

Scheduled during the Cannes International Film Festival, the program provides its participants with an additional visibility they get at this melting pot for filmmakers, sales agents, financiers and the international media. PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE’s schedule with pitching sessions, one-on-one speed-dating meetings and various opportunities to build up business relationships and to exchange knowledge enables the selected filmmakers to return home with advanced film projects and, sometimes, with a co-production deal. At the Producers’ Lunch, they can, moreover, get in contact with participants from previous years. 

The participants have already realized joint European film projects which were noticed on the international radar, but they still are on their way to becoming international players. Many of them produced feature films as well as documentaries, and some are additionally active in the field of animation films.

For the fourth time, EFP will be cooperating for PRODUCERS ON THE MOVE with the pan-European co-production fund Eurimages.

The following producers were selected by EFP member organizations from their respective countries:

Anton Iffland Stettner
, Need Productions
i.e. Home by Ursula Meier ♀
selected by Wallonie Bruxelles Image

Konstantin Bojanov, Argentum Lux Films
i.e. Avé by Konstantin Bojanov
selected by the Bulgarian National Film Centre
Zdenka Gold
♀ Spiritus Movens Production
i.e. A Stranger by Bobo Jelčić
selected by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre Republic
Viktor Tauš
, Fog’n’Desire Films
i.e. House by Zuzana Liová
selected by the Czech Film Center
Mikael Chr. Rieks
, Nordisk Film Production
i.e. A Funny Man by Martin Zandvliet
selected by The Danish Film Institute
Kiur Aarma, Traumfabrik
i.e. Disco & Atomic War by Jaak Kilmi & Kiur Aarma
selected by Baltic Films
Jussi Rantamäki, Aamu Filmcompany
i.e. The Painting Sellers by Juho Kuosmanen
selected by the Finnish Film Foundation
Mathieu Robinet, Révérence
i.e. Love is in the Air by Alexandre Castagnetti
selected by Unifrance films
Zaza Rusadze
, Zazarfilm
i.e.  A Fold in my Blanket by Zaza Rusadze 
selected by the Georgian National Film Center
Jochen Laube
, teamWorx Ludwigsburg
i.e. Five Years by Stefan Schaller
selected by German Films
Giorgos Karnavas
, Heretic
i.e. Boy Eating The Bird’s Food by Ektoras Lygizos
selected by the Greek Film Centre
Andrea Taschler
, ♀ Mirage Film Studio
i.e. Bibliothèque Pascal by Szabolcs Hajdu
selected by Magyar Filmunió / Hungarian National Film Fund
Thorkell Hardarson
, Markell Productions
i.e. Feathered Cocaine by Thorkell Hardarson & Örn Marinó Arnarson 
selected by the Icelandic Fim Centre
Conor Barry
, SP Films
i.e. Love Eternal by Brendan Muldowney
selected by the Irish Film Board
Viola Prestieri
, Buena Onda
i.e. The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino ♀
selected by Istituto Luce Cinecittà of Kosovo*
Valon Jakupaj
, Gegnia Film
i.e. Adventures of Santa Clause  by Valon Jakupaj
selected by the Kosova Cinematography Center
Gilles Chanial, Red Lion
i.e. Le goût des myrtilles by Thomas de Thier
selected by Film Fund Luxembourg of Macedonia
Labina Mitevska
, ♀ Sisters and Brother Mitevski Production
i.e. The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears by Teona Mitevska 

selected by Macedonian Film Fund
Sehad Čekić
, Cut-Up Production
i.e. The Ascent by Neminja Becanovic
selected by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro Netherlands
Marleen Slot,
 ♀ Viking Film
i.e. Zurich by Sacha Polak 

selected by EYE International / Netherlands
Hans-Jørgen Osnes, Motlys 
i.e. Oslo, August 31st by Joachim Trier
selected by the Norwegian Film Institute
Agnieszka Kurzydło
, ♀ MD 4
i.e. In The Name Of by Małgośka Szumowska 

selected by the Polish Film Institute
João Matos
, Terratreme filmes
i.e. Lacrau by João Vladimiro
selected by ICA I.P. / Portugal
Anca Puiu
♀ Mandragora
i.e. Rocker by Marian Crisan 

selected by the Romanian Film Promotion Republic
Mira Fornay
, ♀ Mirafox
i.e. My Dog Killer by Mira Fornay 

selected by Slovak Film Institute
María Zamora
, ♀ Avalon P.C.
i.e. Todos están muertos by Beatriz Sanchis 

selected by ICAA / Spain
Erika Wasserman
♀ Idyll
i.e. Avalon by Axel Petersén
selected by the Swedish Film Institute
Joëlle Bertossa
♀ Close Up Film
i.e. Body by Halima Ouardiri 

selected by Swiss Films Kingdom
Andrea Cornwell
, ♀ Lobo Films Ltd
i.e. The Last Days On Mars by Ruairi Robinson 

selected by the British Council

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