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Cap’n Crunch Returns In New Internet Series

Cap'n Crunch Returns In New Internet Series

Digital agency Huge, in partnership with Gifted Youth (the commercial production division of Funny or Die), and the Quaker Oats Company are bringing back the classic cereal spokesman, Cap’n Crunch, in a new late night talk show web series.

 Cap’n Horatio Magellan Crunch, who stared in a series of commercials created by Jay Ward for Cap’n Crunch cereal from the ’60s to the ’80s, will host nine animated episodes of online Cap’n Crunch Show, which is supposedly “geared toward adults” this spring and into the summer. Here’s a sample of the animation:

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Nic Kramer

I always thought the cereal was pretty good even it does have alot surger. Although, I admit the peanut butter one isn't very good. I don't think peanut butter and cereal mix well together.

Fred Patten

When Cap'n Crunch cereal first came out, I was in my early 20s and a BIG Jay Ward fan. I just had to buy the new cereal to get its box, and the first of the three(?) mini-comic books that came in it. Before buying more boxes to look for the other mini-comics, I decided that as long as I had the cereal, I might as well eat it.
BLARGGHHH! I decided that I didn't want the other mini-comics that much. I am surprised that the cereal has lasted until today, even with Jay Ward's (and his successors') promotion of it.

Stephen P.

Thanks, but I'll wait for a more healthy breakfast cereal animated series.

Jonathan Lyons

A bunch of recycled gags won't do much to update your character. I wanted that to be good. Captain Crunch is awful cereal, but the character has potential.

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