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Casting News: Robin Givens, Kim Wayans, D.L. Hughley Book TV Gigs

Casting News: Robin Givens, Kim Wayans, D.L. Hughley Book TV Gigs

Quickie TV casting news round-up…

First, Robin Givens has joined the cast of ABC Family’s new drama Twisted, in a recurring role, playing the “hip and outgoing divorced mom of Lacey (Kylie Bunbury),” says Deadline.

Twisted is a teen drama mystery-thriller series that will premiere in the Summer of 2013 on ABC Family. The pilot episode aired on March 19, 2013. The series will fully premiere on June 11. 

The series focuses on 16-year-old Danny Desai, who returns to his hometown after killing his aunt 5 years prior. While trying to rekindle old friendships and fit in with his judgmental peers, Danny becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a fellow classmate.

Second, Kim Wayans has booked a guest-starring role on TV Land comedy The Soul Man, starring Cedric the Entertainer.

Wayans will play a Dr. Owens who helps Cedric’s character get over his phobia of doctors, in an upcoming season two episode, which will air in June. 

Initially feared to be on the verge of cancellation by fans, last December, TV Land finally officially announced that it had picked up The Soul Man for a second season; plus, they brought in Yvette Lee Bowser to take over as showrunner as well as executive producer of the series.

The Soul Man season 2 debuts on June 19.

And third, D.L. Hughley has been hired, along with comedian Michael Ian Black, to host the new TBS/Mark Burnett original series, Trust Me, I’m A Game Show Host, which will see the show’s two hosts battle to deceive contestants.

Hughley and Black will each present contestants with seemingly implausible facts – one of them is telling the truth and the other is not. The contestant’s job is to pick which of the two is telling the truth. Winners take home cash prizes. 

Another series from Mark Burnett. This dude must be taking baths in deep tubs filled with $100 dollar bills. 

Trust Me, I’m A Game Show Host is scheduled to debut on TBS in late 2013.

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I am glad, glad, GLAD that my gal Robin Givens is steaming ahead with her career, her newest gig being to play the recurring role of the with-it, divorced Mom of one of the key characters on the ABC Family series, "Twisted." It 's always, always good to see this fiercely gorgeous, fiercely talented actress in a part, and I'm sure that she'll tear up the town as she never fails to do when she takes on a role. Go to it, Robin! We'll be watching you and cheering you on as we always do.


I am, quite simply, HAPPY AS HELL that my longtime lady love (although from afar) Robin Givens has landed yet another television gig. It's more proof positive (as if any more were needed) that she has picked herself up from the ashes of her horrific marriage to the uber-vicious Mike Tyson, brushed herself off, and is moving forward with her life and her career. "Gutsy" is the word for this chick, no question about it. Go on, Robin! You certainly, definitely have an admirer and a supporter in me.


I'm looking forward to these appearances, especially "The Soul Man" arc with Ms. Wayans.


Wow, so maybe Soul Man won't be hot garbage this season.

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