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Chadwick Boseman In Talks To Play Linebacker w/ NFL Dreams In Kevin Costner Sports Drama

Chadwick Boseman In Talks To Play Linebacker w/ NFL Dreams In Kevin Costner Sports Drama

In what will be his first role since booking the lead in 42, the Jackie Robinson biopic which opened impressively last weekend, Chadwick Boseman is in talks to join the cast of another sports drama, this time playing a linebacker in a project to be directed by Ivan Reitman titled Draft Day.

Boseman will be joining a cast that includes Kevin Costner who’ll star as an NFL team’s General Manager who is faced with tough professional and personal choices in the 24-hour period of NFL Draft.

Also in the cast are Jennifer GarnerEllen Burstyn, Denis Leary and Frank Langella. Although no word on what roles exactly these actors will play.

Boseman, however, is in talks to assume what is being described as a key supporting role, playing a linebacker from Louisiana who’s hoping to get drafted by an NFL team.

Shooting is set to start next week in New York, where and when the real-life NFL draft day will take place at Radio City Music Hall, then moves to Cleveland.

I’ve been pondering Boseman’s potential future in Hollywood – especially as a future leading man. This casting doesn’t affect much of what I was thinking, but I’m happy to see him book a follow-up role to 42. He’s definitely talented and should hopefully have a lengthy career as an actor. I certainly hope this isn’t the beginning of a string of projects in which he’s typecast as an athlete.

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Sad to say but if Chadwick was white there would be much bigger buzz on this guy now.


Wouldn't mind seeing him play John Stewart, Green Lantern, in a Justice League or solo feature one day.


Lord, Jesus this man…..Thank you Jesus! Ahem……

Congrats to him. I hope that he doesn't become typecast in sports roles. I loved him on "Lincoln Heights".


Wow Mike, Boseman just got the lead role in 42 and it is doing very well at the box office. If a year or two by now Boseman didn't get a lead role your argument might might sense. But Boseman is getting a lot of press right now I am sure his agents are working hard to get the guy a big lead role soon. Boseman is hot right now and Hollywood is all about the money this guy is definitely going to get more offers.


Even more proof that Hollywood dosent care for new black leading men

If this guy was white he'd be offered leading roles , especially after starring in a leading role of a box officie hit

Hell probably turn into an "anthony mackie" ….secondary to white leads moive after movie after movie

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