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Christopher Nolan & Michael Bay Shooting IMAX For ‘Interstellar’ & ‘Transformers 4’

Christopher Nolan & Michael Bay Shooting IMAX For 'Interstellar' & 'Transformers 4'

While there seems to be some audience fatigue for 3D—largely thanks to post-conversions that don’t do the format justice or justify the added expense—IMAX is the one theatrical extra most agree still provides a special experience. And particularly for films that natively use the format—a practice slowly picking up steam—IMAX is truly something that can’t be replicated even in the most equipped home theater. And two major 2014 blockbusters are going to make that ticket price worth it.

Paramount announced at CinemaCon that Christopher Nolan‘s “Interstellar” and Michael Bay‘s “Transformers 4” will both be shooting footage in IMAX. It’s part of a five movie deal the studio has made with the projection company, with three additional titles yet to be announced. There are no other details yet in terms of just how much of each film will be presented in the massive format but Nolan has been a big fan of IMAX, and “The Dark Knight Rises” featured 72 minutes worth of scenes taking up as much celluloid real estate as possible. And the thought of Bay doing his thing with all that film strip space is mind boggling.

So keep it mind when you get your advance tickets. “Interstellar” opens on November 7, 2014 with “Transformers 4” landing on June 27, 2014. [Deadline]

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The problem here is that more and more IMAX theaters have been converted to digital where the full effect of shooting in the 15-perf. IMAX film process will be lost. IMAX digital theaters are designed primarily for Hollywood feature films that are tweaked for IMAX presentation in post-production.
In order to experience the full resolution of the IMAX footage in "Interstellar" or "Transformers 4," you'll need to be sure and see them in one of the few remaining IMAX film theaters.


Sick of 3D. Bring on more IMAX! Sick of Michael Bay and I'll never pay to see another Transformers flick. Ever. Bring on more Nolan!




Let Scorsese shoot SILENCE in IMAX


Interstellar is one of the most exciting projects out there, and I'm delighted that Nolan is continuing his IMAX adventure. Nolan + IMAX + time travel + physics + space = a mind melt of awesome.

I just wanna f**k with this movie already


Excellent!!! Wish more filmmakers would experiment with shooting in IMAX it provided the most visceral film experience out there ad well as the best picture.


Split second mind melt when I glanced at the title of this article and thought Nolan and Bay were doing a movie together

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