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Coming Soon: ‘Africa’s Next Top Model’

Coming Soon: 'Africa's Next Top Model'

An African version of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model is coming to South Africa, and it’ll be titled Africa’s Next Top Model, with Nigerian supermodel Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi filling in the Tyra Banks role as host, producer and mentor to the models.

The new reality competition spin-off will start filming in Cape Town in August for pay-TV broadcaster M-Net, and will later this year on M-Net’s AfricaMagic channels.

The show will be produced by Gavin Wratten – the man behind South Africa’s version of American Idol, called Idols.

In Africa’s Next Top Model, 12 models from across Africa will compete for the title.

The African version of the franchise is long overdue and I expect the show to be a smashing success across the continent,” said Oluchi Orlandi. 

America’s Next Top Model has already seen international spin-offs in 35 countries including Australia, China, Brazil, France, Sweden, Canada, Italy and the UK.

For more information, check out the Africa’s Next Top Model website.

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When will you be in Johannesburg?


i was wondering if Zambia is part of this show because i would so excited to part the show.proudly Zambian

betty beezle

I can't wait


the title ''Africa's next top model'' quickly grabbed my attention and i was so excited to see the advertisement. I'm soooo interested in the competition and i would like to get more information based on the auditions. *proudly AFRICAN*


How do i apply or enter for the competition please


Hey i will be more happy if Cameroon is included


i realy hope it includes cameroon

Tabo Mulikelela

how do I apply or enter for the competition please…

ekole mansfield

am very happy to hear that such is extended to Africa because African girls can have the oppotunity to reach thier goals in life.but why are some other african countries are not there.


Surprise, people. All the contestants will be white on this show.

Myrah Miguel

I really hope that they include Mozambique…

OMW…ya'll making fun of Africa?

Carl Sirah

Don't you just love how Africa's just one big ol' country (oops, i mean CONTINENT!!!)


I hate to have to go here, but I am. I wonder how many of them will actually look black.

Monique a williams

Why not Nigeria's Next Top Model? Are they going Africa wide, when they did concentrations in smaller countries…?


Africa is a country.


BET/Centric/TVOne should air this in the US.


Great news…..also, Oluchi is really pretty.

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