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Could This Be The Leaked 2013 Cannes Competition Lineup?

Could This Be The Leaked 2013 Cannes Competition Lineup?

A mysterious e-mail appeared in Indiewire’s inbox this morning from someone named “Monsieur Hulot” with a pdf of what may or may not be the 2013 Cannes Film Festival lineup and the word “Voilà.” Is the ghost of Jacques Tati trying to tell us something? Or is this just another person going out of his or her way to fake us out.

The leaked pdf suggests the expected likes of Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska,” Claire Denis’ “Bastards,” Arnaud Desplechin’s “Un Indien des Plaines,” James Gray’s “Lowlife,” Joel & Ethan Coen’s “Inside Llewyn Davis” and Nicholas Winding Refn’s “Only God Forgives” will be heading to Cannes (as will — in perhaps the list’s biggest surprise, David Gordon Green’s Nicolas Cage-starrer “Joe”).

Judge for yourself below and check back with Indiewire tomorrow morning to find out whether or no “Monsieur Hulot” had the scoop or not. Our guess is no, but hey, it’s always fun to speculate..

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Actual list



'The Canyons' for an out-of-competition slot? Schrader showed Mishima at Cannes back in the 80s.


I feel like this is a joke made up by the Break Up at a Wedding guys. It's a no budget indie that was shot in like 2011 that is for certain NOT playing Cannes…

Mme Hulot

Luc Besson, really? This says it all!


Whatever. Give me Un Certain Regard.


Most of them will be selected for sure (Inside Llewin Davis, Lowlife, Only god forgives..) but I highly doubt that's the real competition & schedule.


Even if it were real, why post this? Let them reveal the lineup when they reveal the lineup.


If Anything, this is why I yearn to enter the movie industry. So I can see the good stuff before anyone else does. I'm gonna be super jealous of whoever gets to see Only God Forgives before me. :(


Claire Denis's movie is actually "Les salauds", not "Batards" which is a (bad) translation of its english working title "The bastards". Another glitch on that list.


Great. 2 female directors.


I don't think they would already know the precise schedule. They first choose the films (and only give the name of the films during the press conference) and then they have time to prepare the schedule, which is revealed a week before the beginning of the festival.


Fake. This happens every year.


Looks about right……..


This is obviously a fake.
The number of french films in competition can not exceed 3.
There are 7 french films on this list. Impossible.


And Twelve Years a Slave???

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