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‘Die Hard 6’ In The Works, Will Go To Tokyo This Time

'Die Hard 6' In The Works, Will Go To Tokyo This Time

A Good Day To Die Hard” was fucking awful, but here’s the thing: it made a shitpile of money. While American audiences mostly shrugged, international audiences lined up, and taking in $302 million worldwide, ‘A Good Day’ has become the third best performing entry in the franchise. So, of course, Fox is thinking about getting John McClane back in action before Bruce Willis really and truly is too old for this shit.

Total Film reveals that Brit writer Ben Trebilcook is currently working on “Die Hardest” (groan), which is only at the treatment stage at the moment. Still, it seems Fox is eager to capitalize on audiences overseas, even if at home interest seems to have waned. While exact story details are still being worked out, the story will again start in New York City but then take the action to Tokyo. “Die Hard: Tokyo Drift“? No word yet on if Jai Courtney will return or even if Willis or the studio will sign off on the idea (though dude will pretty much sign off on anything if the paycheck is right).

“It is extremely faithful to the franchise and characters and is a natural progression. It’s also a very plausible storyline,” Trebilcook said, rather hilariously, considering plausibility with this series went out the window a couple movies ago. He also adds: “I feel it could be the ‘Rocky Balboa‘ of the ‘Die Hard’ franchise.” That’s not the most compelling endorsement.

So, should McClane come back and try and end this series on somewhat of a high note? Should they let this thing die hard already (ha)? Let us know below.

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how can they do tokyo drift if its a fast and furious film? altho id like to see bruce drift its copying the name from it


Chat with John McTiernan in his prison cell and ask him for a plot and title and some personal feedback on how he would have made Die Hard 5.

Use the my states' tax money for this interview.

Die Hard Border Control


from Tokyo. The last two bombed in the Japanese box office, so why bother?


The next logical progression is DIE HARD IN SPACE. Just do it already. Get it over with. Don't try to convince me about "natural progression this" and "plausible that." McClane fights terrorists on the international space station. MOONRAKER meets ARMAGEDDON with a dash of SPACE COWBOYS. I'll take points on the back end, thank you.


If this were The Land Before Time, they'd be doing bouncing-ball sing-alongs by now. What I'm trying to say is, they're missing out on entirely new directions with this franchise.


glad there makin another one. these films are awesome.

Frank Dell

Die Already.


Die Hardest? Wrong. "Old Habits Die Hard" or nothing at all. Sister Act crossover optional.


Seriously no more. The new one was a pile of muck.


Just Get McT out of Jail to do the Job!


I realize it made $300 million total, but on a $92 million budget and using the benchmark that a movie needs to make three times its production budget to be profitable, "shitpile" seems a bit much. And domestically it only brought in $67 million!

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