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First Look at Nicole Beharie as Detective Abbey Archer in Fox TV Pilot ‘Sleepy Hollow’

First Look at Nicole Beharie as Detective Abbey Archer in Fox TV Pilot 'Sleepy Hollow'

This on-set picture is your first look at FOX TV’s pilot Sleepy Hollow, the supernatural series which star Nicole Beharie as Detective Abbey Archer and Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane. Filming is underway in Gastonia, NC; the pic comes from the Gaston Gazette, which spoke to Bob Orci, series’ Executive Producer and co-creator.

Orci explained the scene saying, “Ichabod has been arrested after waking up here in the present day,” adding, “there’s a Rip Van Winkle element to it because he’s been asleep in a cave for 200 years. He has no idea if he’s dreaming or what’s happening.” Orci elaborated stating, “Obviously the things he’s saying make him seem like he’s nuts. So he’s being escorted by a detective to a psychiatrist in this scene.”

And apparently detective Archer (Beharie) begins forming a bond with Crane after she starts gradually believing what Crane tells her. I’m not too familiar with the story and haven’t seen Tim Burton’s adaptation, so I don’t know if this is what happens in the original.

To recap, Sleepy Hollow is based on the short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and the story follows Ichabod Crane who partners with Sleepy Hollow’s female detective to solve mysterious and supernatural occurrences in the town, which is said to be ravaged by a battle between good and evil.

Hollow also stars Orlando Jones and Katia Winter.

Nicole Beharie will be seen next in Brian Helgeland‘s Jackie Robinson biopic 42 as Rachel “Isum” Robinson.

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I really am sick of all these cop shows. I mean, geez. But I do like Beharie. Maybe I'll take a look at this one. I wish she'd chosen something other than a cop show.

D.C. Kirkwood

I just adore Ms. Nicole Beharie, she seems to have a strong head on her shoulder. She's choosing some very good roles. She must have a really good agent too. She's being smart about doing films that are classified as "Black Films", as well as commercial films and TV. Plus she's done broadway with Jeffery Wright. Congrats to her Ill be watching.


I will keep this in mind. Nicole Beharie picks some awesome roles.


This sounds so much like "Elementary" with a fish out of water aspect added in. Hopefully the writers will add something to differentiate this show from "Elementary".

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