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Hayley Atwell Replaces Gemma Arterton In Robert Capa Biopic ‘Close Enough’ With Tom Hiddleston

Hayley Atwell Replaces Gemma Arterton In Robert Capa Biopic 'Close Enough' With Tom Hiddleston

It seems as though we’ve been talking about a biopic of legendary war-photographer and photojournalist Robert Capa forever, but it does look like one is finally going to make it into production. It won’t be the one directed by Michael Mann however, because while he’s still developing his own Capa feature, a rival project now titled “Close Enough” has gained serious traction with the addition of “The Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston last week. Although, at the same time it lost the long attached Gemma Arterton, it was assumed that the inclusion of Hiddleston would be enough to get another actor in quickly and that has proven to be the case.

Hayley Atwell – likely best known for playing Peggy Carter in “Captain America: The First Avenger” (although she has done a ton of superb work for British TV) — has now joined the flick alongside Hiddleston and things look pretty rosy for shooting to commence shortly. Set to be directed by Paul Andrew Williams (“London To Brighton,” “Song For Marion“) the film will chronicle the relationship between photographers Gerda Taro and Robert Capa, focusing on their years in Paris in the 1930s (is there anyone of note who wasn’t in Paris in the ’30s?) and culminating with the heartbreaking events during the Spanish Civil War that would drastically alter the course of both their lives. You may want to bring Kleenex.

Great subject matter, great source material and some solid talent coming together for this one, so we’ll be very curious to see how it turns out. Production is expected to begin in June. [Screen Daily]

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Michael Papadelis

Finally,i have been waiting forever for a movie about Frank Capa,what a time Paris in the 1930’s,covering the spanish civil war,what a time,if you ever want to see a good Hemingway biopic,check out "Hemingway with Stacy Keach as the famed writer and adventurer!Hope they do justice to Capa!!!!!


Gemma Arterton was perfect! No one is better than her <3


Damn, this cast got really awesome really fast.


`I really get a buzz of this news. Hayley Atwell has done some great work on UK tv and on stage and coupled with Hiddleston its a great mix


That's good news. She's an infinitely superior actress to Arterton and gorgeous too.

Alan B

Wait, what is this "superb work" she has mysteriously done? She has ONLY ever been upstaged by better British actors in those TOTALLY BRILLIANT BRITISH SHOWS THAT YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF AND ONLY I HAVE SEEN BECAUSE THEY'RE, LIKE, EXCLUSIVE AND STUFF AND I AM MORE DISCERNING IN MY TASTE. She's very beautiful, but bland as a personality, and her technique isn't sufficient enough to allow her to disappear into disparate characters. She seems a perfect substitute for Arterton, who also inspires mysterious rants about her 'talents' by (male) bloggers intent on lecturing readers on her AMAZING performance in films or shows they refuse to cite.

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