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‘Iron Man 3’ Post Credits Cameo Reportedly Revealed/Spoiled

'Iron Man 3' Post Credits Cameo Reportedly Revealed/Spoiled

Um, in case it isn’t already painfully obvious: there will be major spoilers ahead. So, if you don’t want “Iron Man 3” ruined for you (if the endless clips and TV spots haven’t already) then move along, nothing to see here… For the rest of you, read on….

As it goes with every Marvel movie, the now standard post-credit scene for “Iron Man 3” has been spoiled weeks before the movie hits theaters. The culprit this time is last night’s Paris premiere of the movie and Latino Review had some helpful eyes in the audience who reported back to the site about who pops up before ushers come in to clean up the nacho cheese that you spilled. And, just like “The Avengers,” it’s mostly a comic bit instead of anything substantial.

According to the report, the close of the movie will see Tony Stark on a couch, seemingly talking to a therapist, but it turns out to be none other than Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), who has fallen asleep. When Tony chides him for sleeping through his monologue, Banner strikes back with, “You know, I’m not that kind of doctor!” Stark continues talking, Banner falls asleep again, and scene.

Of course, the question remains if Shane Black will pull a Joss Whedon and shoot something else to tack on to the movie with just a few weeks left to go like the latter did for the shawarma sequence in “The Avengers.” But either way, it’ll be something to hold fans over until “The Avengers 2,” which will mark the next appearance of The Hulk in a full, big screen outing. “Iron Man 3” hits on May 3rd.

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This sounds so incredibly out of character for Banner. Knowing how his character in Avengers worked, he would NOT be falling asleep when Stark tries to say something to him. And more so, he would not be grouching back at him. This is fake. You've heard it from me (and plenty of others who know that Latino Review also spread false rumors about a World War Hulk movie and Space Suit post-credits scene). They're full of BS.

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