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Is WB Thinking Of Revisiting ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy? Studio Confirms Christopher Nolan Not Doing ‘Justice League’

Is WB Thinking Of Revisiting 'The Dark Knight' Trilogy? Studio Confirms Christopher Nolan Not Doing 'Justice League'

Hoo boy, just as one rumor is put firmly in the ground, enough room is given for more to crop back up, so take a take a deep breath and get ready to geek out…

Let’s start with “Justice League,” which has had more rumors than actual hard news from pretty much the day George Miller‘s mooted version was shut down at the last minute years and years ago. Largely seen as Warner Bros. ace card in their deck of DC characters they haven’t yet fully been exploited, the last 18 months or so there has been a battery of filmmakers rumored to be sought for the gig, ranging from Ben Affleck to The Wachowskis, with Christopher Nolan batted around by nerds as the ideal choice to take it on. And while Nolan has played cagey about it (as he has been with “Man Of Steel,” refusing as usual to reveal too much about the movie he’s producing for Zack Sndyer), Warner Bros. has now dashed fanboy wet dreams. 

“No, no it’s not,” WB president Jeff Robinov told EW when asked if it was true that Nolan would produce “Justice League,” or if Christian Bale would once again wear the cowl.  Nolan’s reps also confirmed he wasn’t involved with “Justice League,” and it’s clear he’s moved on, focused on his sci-fi “Interstellar.” But perhaps the biggest question of all facing Warner Bros. is how they can move forward if Nolan’s complete story in “The Dark Knight” trilogy can’t be touched. Well, maybe it can…

Asked if Nolan’s trilogy will stand alone, Robinov made a pretty interesting about-face, stating: “They do. Or they did. Where we go in the future is a whole other conversation.” I guess we can cue up those Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumors again? (Even though they were squashed at the time). EW isn’t quite sure if Robinov meant Nolan’s trilogy could be spun off from or if he was saying the next Batman films won’t be walled in, but vagueness = internet hysteria.

But remember, this is the studio that’s doing a prequel to “The Shining and it wouldn’t be surprising if they don’t want to leave their most (only?) successful comic property untouched without trying to keep that gravy train flowing.  Either way, plenty of food for thought, but there will be more coming from WB soon.

“We’ll announce something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC characters and the movies we’re going to be making,” Robinov said.

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They'll leave the trilogy alone. Otherwise they risk pissing off Nolan, whose 6 films with the studio have made more than any superhero series. It's not safe in the longterm to bet on a series or concept due to the eventuality of deminoshing returns (Terminator, Alien, Sherlock Holmes, Die Hard, etc). However, betting on a filmmaker over the long haul (Spielberg, Jackson, Cameron, Nolan) does lead to gains.

Gabe Toro



I don't think that they are going to touch Nolan's films, it would be very difficult to convincingly spin Nolan's universe into a Justice League film. I doubt Gordon-Levitt will even take the gig if offered. My best guess is what will happen is we'll get Snyder's Superman which will tease Justice League and then WB will spin off all those characters into individual franchises.

Also, I think these guys are intentionally vague in order to get the Internet buzzing.


Full quote was,
"They do. Or they did. Where we go in the future is a whole other conversation. And let's start that conversation now. We're going to rape the Nolan Bat-films to shreds because if there's one thing that we care about, it's sweet, green cash. So we've got the writer of one of the drafts of "Akira" being flown in – he's gonna get half a pound of columbia's finest choochcaine, and he's gonna bang out a draft or three of a new Batman flick that we can take to Will Smith because fuck you, that's why. After that, we've got spin-off flicks for Robin being tackled by Gary Whitta and one of those Hughes bros. They want to make Robin into a gay dental hygienist who gets attacked by a flock of pigeons and becomes a homosexual wrecking ball, destroying gotham's underworld, until Will Smith/Batman takes him under his wing and they join forces. Clearly, we'd love to get Jaden Smith for this one. Also on the docket is another couple of spin-off flicks from within the batworld. We've got McG working on a BatGirl film with the cast of the new Melrose Place because that shit has to be sexy with a capital "Bat", and after that we've got a Grumpy Old Men meets Bad Boys action style comedy featuring Alfred and Commissioner Gordon just driving around in an old Lincoln towncar shooting up bad guys and making old racist comments because if there's one thing we love as a nation, it's a crotchety old man who calls Vietnamese girls, "Orientals". That one is being developed by Todd Phillips, so we're sure it's gonna be a hit with a capital "Bat". After that, we're going to just go ahead and piss on the grave of Heath Ledger, both literally and figuratively, by hiring Kate Hudson to play the new Joker. She'll also be flown in to piss on the grave because we live to offend fanboys and also to waste money. We're looking to get Rupert Grint from the Potter flicks to play Joker's right hand man, Igor. Wait? The Joker didn't have a sidekick with a hunchback? Well, he does now. Make them motherfuckers pilot a giant subterranean Spider as well, because that sounds like a baller ass idea. The point is, we got plans for the Bat series. Nolan doesn't own that character. Warner Brothers does. And Warner Brothers rarely gets something right more than a couple of times before we get the Rat involved. That's right, overseeing this whole big, beautiful motherfucking Bat World is the clown prince of filmmaking, Brett Ratner. Top that! Kevin Feige. Ha, more like Kevin Fag. Am i right, Rat? High five!"
After that Rubinov pushed out on a Razer scooter blaring the new Ke$ha album.


A- New Batman
B- Brad Bird


Nightwing movie with JGL and cameos from Bale and Caine or a complete reboot with no origin story and Riddler and Hrely Quinn as main villains the end

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