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Kevin Spacey is a Hero in Hollywood — and Silicon Valley

Kevin Spacey is a Hero in Hollywood -- and Silicon Valley

Kevin Spacey is the smartest man in Hollywood because he has found a way to go beyond the traditional borders of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

If you watched the broadcasts of the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night, it was apparent that Spacey is as sharp at career management as he is skilled at acting.

Aside from President Barack Obama, it was Spacey’s show. The star of Netflix’ (NFLX) hit series House of Cards is widely respected. He starred in a spoof that was shown at the dinner. Every media and political power broker got needled and it was plainly a status point to be mentioned in it.

It was also quite obvious that the media representatives at the dinner were star-struck and in awe of Spacey. The television journalists who provided  commentary made the point that he was the one celebrity that everyone at the dinner wanted to meet.

The reason was not necessarily Spacey’s Best Actor work in American Beauty, either. He is hot right now because of House of Cards. He has found a way to remain relevant as an actor when the careers of his peers are slowing down either because of age or a lack of ambition.

Spacey is showing no signs of slowing down and he clearly understands how the Hollywood game is being played. He is not waiting around for the movie biz to minimize his acting career, as it does with so many others. The standard operating procedure is to chew up and spit out actors. But Spacey is taking charge.

He took a big chance, in a way. What if Netflix’ gambit bombed or nobody bothered to watch House of Cards? He’d have been a punch line on Jay Leno’s show.

But no matter. Spacey deserves credit for taking a chance and making a bet on new technology. Netflix is a big winner because it will have an easy time getting other shows off the ground, given the success of House of Cards.

How many actors have conquered Hollywood and Silicon Valley? Kevin Spacey has blazed a path.He won’t be the last one.

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I interpret this article's main idea as this, Kevin Spacey has been successful with both Hollywood and Silicon Valley productions. This observation means that he works on projects that he believes have a meaning beyond dollar signs. I am sure it is true that not all of his films or projects have been box office hits, I'm also with the writer in my understanding that popular success does not equate to a responsible career.


excellant point french


not to be a douche here, cause shitting on peoples articles are not really my thing, but rarely have I read an article that seems so off and wrong on this website but this one does. Since 'American Beauty' Spacey has not been the lead in one single successful box office film. I guess playing third banana in films like "Horrible Bosses" or "21" could be considered a success if he was known as just a quirkey character actor. But to say "Spacey is showing no signs of slowing down and he clearly understands how the Hollywood game is being played." That just isn't true when you look at his track record in films since 2000. 'House of Cards' was a great move though I just think its foolish to pretend like he has been on fire for a while and making quality chocies when arguably he has been making horrendous choices for a decade plus until 'House of Cards.'

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