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‘L.A. Confidential’ Sequel TV Series Being Shopped By James Ellroy

'L.A. Confidential' Sequel TV Series Being Shopped By James Ellroy

The world that James Ellroy conjured with “L.A. Confidential,” adapted in the crackling 1987 noir, is one that captured the imagination and had filmmakers flocking to his work, and in particular the “L.A. Quartet.” Brian De Palma tackled “The Black Dahlia” with rather disastrous results, while Joe Carnahan is still hoping to make “White Jazz” at some point. Meanwhile, last year, “I Am Love” helmer  Luca Guadagnino signed up to bring “The Big Nowhere” to the big screen. So what’s next? How about a TV series.

Indeed, Ellory and New Regency are currently shopping a sequel series to “L.A. Confidential,” but they aren’t just looking for a pilot. According to Deadline, Ellroy — who came up the concept on spec — is likely for a straight series commitment. And this isn’t the first time a series has been attempted. As we outlined in our feature, 5 Things You Might Not Know About “L.A. Confidential”, a spinoff show was developed in the wake of the success of the film. Kiefer Sutherland led the cast as Jack Vincennes, but it was a weak replica of the movie — the pilot was included on the recent DVD/Blu-ray re-release — and didn’t get much further.

Multiple outlets are apparently kicking the tires on this, so we’ll see who bites, and who wants to roll the dice on this one. And while it may be based on a well known brand, TNT is already getting out in front with their “L.A. Noir” from writer/director Frank Darabont, so competition might be fierce. There’s no word yet on what characters the follow up might focus on, if Ellory is leaning on his books at all, or if he’s coming up with new stories, but there’s certainly a lot to draw on.

And it’s not the only TV show he’s shopping around. FX has just snapped up a pitch from Ellroy based on this 2012 book “Shakedown,” and it’s a series which would follow Fred Otash, an informant/operator/wire tapper/fixer working his way between tabloid scene and underworld of 1950s Los Angeles, which basically sounds fucking awesome.

So yeah, if either one of these gets made, we’re game. And if both do? It looks we could be in for some great television down the line.

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EMV: You have it backwards my friend. I'm a huge De Palma fan but LA Confidential blows his Black Dahlia out of the water. Ellroy is one of the best-in-class detective writers of all time. I think the primary issue with De Palma's BD was the casting which was absolutely wrong. LAC casting was on the mark and the story was fascinating, incidentally, borrowing bits of several novels and incorporating the spots and characters into the movie made it rich and multi-dimensional whereas BD relied on De Palma's trademark interpretive style just didn't capture the flavor of Ellroy's original material.


I thought Rampart was fantastic. Despite the mixed bag of adaptations, I want more Ellroy on the screen, just please no compromising.


I really don´t know what is your problem with Brian De Palma´s Black Dahlia. If you know at least a few films of his career you should probably know that this film is one of his best and that De Palma is perhaps the only film maker of the 70's that has constantly challenge the way your senses "watch a film". Not only is an extraordinary reinterpretation of Ellroy´s novel (by the way, not a great writer), but a summa of an entire filmography. Echoes of so many images of the past trapped in this film and in the dark shadows of Vilmos Zsigmond gaze. Betrayal, corruption, murder, an histerical laugh of a clown, an opera of a genre or may be an eulogy for it.

Miles away is LA Confidential and the others adaptations of Ellroy´s novels. Curtis Hanson is no Brian De Palma. And miles miles miles away is Michael Bay who has so much attention in this blog recently… Please, enlight your audience always with the best.

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