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Lance Gross Says He Was Up For The Harrison Wright Role In ‘Scandal’ & Diddy In ‘Notorious’

Lance Gross Says He Was Up For The Harrison Wright Role In 'Scandal' & Diddy In 'Notorious'

In the video interview below, Lance Gross tells New York’s Hot 97 hosts Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff, that he was up for the Harrison Wright role in Scandal, but obviously lost to Columbus Short

He also says that he wanted to play P Diddy in Notorious, but the part ended up going to Derek Luke.

Being an actress myself, I will add that he was probably one of several actors who auditioned for those roles, so it may not necessarily mean that, in the case of Scandal for example, the job came down to either him or Columbus Short.

But can you see Lance Gross as a “Gladiator in a suit?” Or as P Diddy? I just can’t see him in Scandal, but I think he may have been a better choice for P. Diddy than Derek Luke.

Upcoming, he’s got the NBC pilot for an untitled Washington, DC-set political thriller he’s starring in.

Watch the Hot 97 interview:

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Denzel? No. Maybe a broke-down Blair Underwood. He better tighten up his acting chops, and work on his French accent, because Omar Sy is taking all the damn roles.


Nope can't see Lance as Harrison. No comments as to the Notorious role.


hmmm…. I used to take acting classes with Lance. Very sweet guy. I think he's young that his talent can only get better. I think he was misused in those Tyler Perry shows because he has a pretty face. Comedy is clearly not his strength, but I do think he will surprise people when they see him do drama. He would play an excellent bad guy, but might never get the chance because of his looks.


Thank god he didn't get the part. I've never been a fan of his so called, acting. Columbus Short is an amazing actor and he is perfect for Harrison. Shonda knew what she was doing!

Masha Dowell

I am a supporter of Lance's career and I wish him well. Derek Luke was great as Diddy, and Columbus is amazing in Scandal.


i find this hard to believe. I'm a fan of lance however, i was at the sagfoundation panel in LA with the cast of scandal and it was stated by the cast and columbus that shonda offered columbus the role and he didn't audition for it.


Lance is gorgeous, but I can't see him as Harrison. Hold on a minute…..nope, still don't see it.


Whose Lance Gross?


JDB, thank you for saying that. I concur. And I'll leave it at that.

We complain that "we" aren't represented, but when our fellow men and women get some light, we just throw shade. Smh.


Funny. His entire career is based on Tyler Perry's work and the fact that he's now somebody. I know a couple people who got close on his role for this new pilot, but lost out simply because they weren't names. Unless the supporting cast and writing are superb, I'm talking heavy-hitting Emmy winners, his show is going nowhere. If Meagan Goode can barely carry a show (granted the writing was bad), no way in hell can Lance Gross. He's just lucky Columbus, Pooch, Brian White, Laz, and Mechad already have gigs and the rest of his peers are chasing film careers. Let one of them become available or someone else decide to do TV; the role would get recast so quick!


I love how he leaves off saying "I'm going after Denzel's spot." SMDH. Sorry Lance, you'll never come close. You don't have the depth or chops necessary and Denzel is way out of your league. Stay in your lane with fluff films. That's more you. Continued success to you on that.

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