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Marc Forster Compares ‘World War Z’ Reshoots To Buying A Persian Rug

Marc Forster Compares 'World War Z' Reshoots To Buying A Persian Rug

Listen, we get it. After the ton of not-so-hot press last year during the troubled production of “World War Z,” the game plan now for director Marc Forster, star Brad Pitt and everyone else involved is to play it cool, brush it off, move on and try and make sure the summer tentpole makes some money. Cool. But maybe some better metaphors could be utilized in explaining just what happened during a shoot that required an entirely new ending and numerous writers to try and patch things up, and involved friction on set that apparently led to Pitt refusing to speak with Foster.

First, Forster clarifies that it wasn’t seven weeks of reshoots, just a mere ” four-and-a-half,” claiming it was an “always normal!” part of the process. “Our reshoots were a little more exposed in the press because we had a different ending. We felt a different ending would serve the movie better,” he told Empire. “It’s the same if you’re buying a house and you roll out a nice Persian carpet for your living room and you realize it doesn’t really fit.”

Um, not exactly the most relatable comparison (I only purchase bear skin rugs…) but sure, we get what he’s saying…kind of… Meanwhile, as for the undead in the film, Forster compares them to two wildly different animals. “I was looking at nature and how ants move. They’re having this feeding frenzy, and when they’re going after the last resources they build this tower of babel, this building of disease,” explained. “In a sense, [the zombies] are moving fast in a feeding frenzy and need stimulation, otherwise they’re roaming and slow. When a shark smells blood he attacks; otherwise he’s just roaming around.”

So Persian rugs, ants, sharks…”World War Z” is gonna be awesome, right? We’ll find out on June 21st.

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WWZ is getting a lot of a bad buzz,before its release in June, and that's thanks to the mess that mass-media did… i found the re-shooting process to be completely normal, as the dude below has pointed out that the ending of Django Unchained was completely changed last year by Q.T. and thank god it went un-exaggerated like WWZ … my message is wait, watch the movie first … don't create a superstitious-thought without even have a single clue about it… the trailer is just 2 and some minutes long but the movie is 120 minutes long… so watch it and then have your opinion…

Adam Scott Thompson

So used to seeing Forster straight on or wearing his ballcap. Dude's got a drive-in movie screen for a forehead. Anyway, the book was greatness; the film will probably do better biz overseas. Two cents and a fuck given.


I feel bad for Forster, but this looks fucking terrible. Zombies don't work when CG'd. I am Legend kind of works because the zombies are treated more like classic movie monsters where they aren't seen too much and lurk in the shadows but that's an atypical zombie film. Most zombie films have the zombies crowding the survivors the whole time and part of the appeal is that the zombies look somewhat real. The Walking Dead may have fake CG splatters when the zombies die, but at least the zombies are real people in make up. These zombies look like shit. I hope that I'm wrong and that there will be at least some people in zombie makeup and that movie will rock, but the trailers have been terrible thus far.


guess the rug really didn't tie the room together….


Tarantino changed the ending of Django Unchained during filming once he realized it didn't work. Why was that not as big a deal as this?


Umm, it's more like, buying a Persian rug, not liking it, and then ripping down the house to build a new one around the Persian rug. What is the budget of this movie now? 200+ million dollars? That means with marketing/distribution/promotions this movie is going to swell over 300 million dollars.
No wonder why they have it rated as a PG-13. Tweener's can be sold any bill of goods,(after all these are the ages that bought into the Twilight craze) however, they are not going to get the majority mature adults (18-25) into theater seats.

My prediction: Movie will open up to around 50 million dollars (domestic North America), and will end up dropping off, from bad word of mouth. Monsters University will beat in on the charts, and the hold over from Man of Steel, might even put this movie in opening 3rd place. World wide, it should end up in the 300 million dollar range, total. The movie will be a huge financial disaster for Paramount, Plan B Productions, and Mark Forster's career will take a nose dive after it. Pitt will skate by like usual.

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