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Michael Fassbender To Play ‘Macbeth’ For ‘Snowtown’ Director Justin Kurzel

Michael Fassbender To Play 'Macbeth' For 'Snowtown' Director Justin Kurzel

Everyone from Sam Worthington (really) to Orson Welles has taken on “Macbeth,” and the Shakespeare play that dare not say its name has been adapted countless time for the stage, television and multiplex. Well, when it comes to the cinema, (quality) movie versions have been a bit fewer and farther between, so the news that Michael Fassbender might take the lead in “the Scottish play” certainly has our attention.

The actor is attached to a new version of Shakespeare’s work that will be directed by the fast risingSnowtown” director, Justin Kurzel. Penned by Todd Louiso (the director behind “Love Liza” and “Hello I Must Be Going“) and Jacob Koskoff (who co-penned “The Marc Pease Experience” with Louiso), the story will be the same, set in the 11th century, and will be presented in the original dialogue. However, this version will be more “visceral” and contain “significant battle scenes.” And production is coming together pretty fast.

Plans are underway for the film to shoot later this year, and will seemingly be bumping plans for Kurzel’s adaptation of John Le Carre‘s “Our Kind Of Traitor,” which had Ralph Fiennes and Mads Mikkelsen lining up. A bit of bummer, but still, Fassy + Macbeth is a combo we won’t argue with. And speaking of the actor, who is currently lensing “X-Men: Days Of Future Past,” this is a nice meaty project to dive into after the VFX extravaganza. As for Lady Macbeth? Talks are apparently underway with an unnamed “Hollywood leading actress.” Suggestions?

So bust out the Cliffs Notes and get re-familiarized with the work, because it will be coming at you very soon. [Screen Daily]

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It's been reported Natalie Portman got the role.


Cate Blanchett as Lady Macbeth. Nicole Kidman cannot touch Blanchett.


Kidman would be spectacular

little my

Nicole Kidman as Lady Macbeth, please make it happen, please. She'll nail it.


Viola Davis. She would kill! Probably never going to happen but she's theatrically trained and has stated she's wants to play the roll.
Weisz and Kidman would be killer as well.


Andrea Riseborough or Rosamund Pike would be great.


If there is any justice, the role will go to Rachel Weisz. She is the finest actress in her generation, and was rightfully awarded the Best Actress award by The New York Film Critics Circle last year for her magnificent performance in The Deep Blue Sea. If, instead, the choice will fall upon an up-and-coming actress, Alicia Wikander would be a good choice. She has proven herself as a wonderful actress, especially in The Royal Affair, and possesses the dramatic intensity required.


Nicole Kidman would actually be a fantastic choice. Sure, she's older than Fassbender but I've always read Lady Macbeth as older. And the age difference isn't so big that it would be flat out ridiculous. I could really see it working.

I also could see Jessica Chastain for a more age appropriate choice. Or Charlize Theron. Andrea Riseborough would be really interesting but yeah, I don't know if she's necessarily big enough of a name.


please anyone but natalie portman, keira knightley, charlize theron and any other super annoying popular female actresses. id rather see a lesser known actress who needs a good bump in the right direction than someone who's already tits deep in cash and good rep.


Somewhere James McAvoy is contemplating slitting his wrists.


Should just make a film version of the play James McAvoy did in London recently. Seems way more interesting than this.

El Hanso

Why do film directors/producers always pick the same four or five Shakespeare plays to adapt? With MacBeth it's almost as overcrowded as with Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet. And since this one seems to be sticking to the play's 11th century setting, it already loses potential to distinguish itself from the Welles and the Polanski versions.

BUT… Fassbender in the title role – that's interesting. Probably interesting enough to already accept this film being in production. As for Lady MacBeth? Andrea Riseborough. Yes. The more I think about her in that role, the better it works. At least in my head it does.


I'm just gonna say it: Nicole Kidman.

She has the "icy" persona down pat, and she's been seemingly auditioning for the part for several years and even the 10 year age difference would play to her advantage.

Alan B

Keira Knightley, Emily Blunt, Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Angelia Jolie, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett … who knows? Can't say I'm all that excited by this pitch that includes giant battles, considering that the play is one of Shakespeare's most interior and psychologically driven.

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