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Must Watch Trailer For Short Film Headed To Cannes – ‘Black Girls Code’ (You’ll Love It)

Must Watch Trailer For Short Film Headed To Cannes - 'Black Girls Code' (You'll Love It)

I absolutely dare anyone… and I mean ANYONE… to not be moved and inspired by this trailer for Shanice
new short film Black Girls

The film tells of the movement, created by San Francisco-based computer programming
pioneer Kimberly Bryant, to expose
young black girls to the world of computer programming and all the possibilities
that they can achieve.

As Ms. Bryant says, Black Girls Code’s mission is to “introduce
programming and technology to a new generation of coders, coders who will
become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures.

Ms. Johnson says her film is intended “to
push forth the notion that yes, little girls of color can
code too. They can invent, build and create. They can move a nation and they
can change the world. Through workshops on coding, science and app building,
Black Girls Code is creating a new set of pioneers.

And the good news about her film doesn’t stop there.

The film, which was produced by Janet Robinson, will also screen at this year’s Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film
Festival next month.

And Ms. Johnson reveals that the screening is just the beginning: “Going to Cannes as a part of the Short Film
Corner is an honor. But this isn’t the end. We’re currently developing a
web-series and a feature.

To find out more about Ms. Bryant’s Black Girl Code program go HERE.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

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Pure awesomeness!!


Yes! Yes! Yes! Break down those barriers and slay those stereotypes!!!

If they get a Kickstarter, Crowdtilt or IndieGoGo fund started for their webseries or future, I will need to pull out my piggy bank.


So inspirational. Sharing this widely.


Awesome! Video shows the need for young woman of color in the technology fields. The video makes me want to know more and get off my butt and do something. Great job on the video and what great vision this organization has.


I didn't get to complete my comment. That's so inspiring! If it doesn't make it to mass theaters I hope it will be presented on PBS, OWN or Lifetime. That would be AWESOME!!! black kids need to see this.




Sergio, you dared me to not be moved and I said, "Challenge accepted." I hit that 2:55 mark and felt that itch behind my nose…I'll get you one day! (shakes fist)
Just beautiful!!!


fResh… perspective.


Real nice. But to get into Cannes Short Corner all you do is pay a fee and fill out the application. It's a market. Its not a competitive category. They take anyone who applies. Let's just be real about what's what. I wish them luck though.


One person can make a difference. See a need and fill it. Good for you Ms. Bryant– and thank you for sharing this story with the world, Ms. Johnson & Ms. Robinson.


Dope and awesome!

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