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‘Nairobi Half Life’ Producers Casting For Next Kenya-Set Drama ‘Veve’

'Nairobi Half Life' Producers Casting For Next Kenya-Set Drama 'Veve'

If you didn’t already know, when he’s not busy adapting what has been deemed un-adaptable, while working with the Wachowski siblings on Cloud Atlas, German filmmaker Tom Tykwer (Run Lola, RunPerfume) is producing Kenyan films via his alternative film production company, One Fine Day Films, which he co-founded in 2008 with his girlfriend, Marie Steinmann, with the goal being to promote and support filmmaking for aspiring filmmakers in Nairobi (Kenya), with Nairobi-based producing partners Ginger Ink.  

S&A has covered every film that’s been developed under the One Fine Day Films/ Ginger Ink banners – Soul Boy, from director Hawa EssumanNairobi Half Life, from director David Tosh Gitonga, and most recently, Something Necessary, from yet another Kenyan filmmaker in Judy Kibinge

The production companies are currently in development on their next feature, which is titled Veve, and is written by Natasha Likimani, and will be directed by Simon Mukali.

The plot for Veve is still being kept under-wraps, however, the production has issued a casting call for actors, scheduled for April 7th (this Sunday) from 1pm to 4pm, at the Phoenix Theatre in Nairobi, Kenya. So, obviously this is for our readers already in that city, or for those who live in the USA or elsewhere who have actor/actress connections in that city who might want to know about this audition.

So here are the details in full:


ONE FINE DAY FILMS & GINGER INK, the makers of SOUL BOY (2010), NAIROBI HALF LIFE (2012) and SOMETHING NECESSARY (2013) are casting for their next production “VEVE”. 


AUDITION LOCATION: Phoenix Theatre (Professional Centre next to Parliament)

PS: If you had attended any of our earlier auditions for VEVE, please DO NOT attend this one.

NB: All Actors (as for all Crew) Compensation: Ksh 1,500 per day for shoot days (700/= day rate for rehearsals).

AUDITION LOCATION: Phoenix Theatre (Professional Centre next to Parliament)

PS: If you had attended any of our earlier auditions for VEVE, please DO NOT attend this one.

NB: All Actors (as for all Crew) Compensation: Ksh 1,500 per day for shoot days (700/= day rate for rehearsals).



1. Amos Muriungi (Male- Age mid 40’s) The MP. A harsh looking

burly man. Proud and Arrogant. Indifferent and greedy. Stops at

nothing to get what he wants. Wealthy politician’s look (belly).

Has authority, particularly when he speaks. From the Igembe

community and must be able to speak fluent Igembe, Swahili

and English.

2. Sammy (Male- mid 40’s) Amos right hand man. He runs the dayto-

day activities and operations for Amos business. Tall, well built

decent looking man always frowning and serious. Average body

size. Athletic body but not well maintained. Chocolate skin.

Always has a frown. Slightly wrinkled face or signs of old age

creeping in. He has black hair (slightly long but not long enough

for an afro). Hair not well maintained.

He always means business but also has compassion in his eyes.

Must be able to speak fluent Igembe, Swahili and English and

must be able to drive.

3. Kenzo Salim (Male- mid 30’s) Good looking man. Not polished.

Tall and well built (not over the top) and maintained body by

working hard. Dreadlocks (or at least a kali (‘street’) rasta vibe).

He is from the coast.. Likes to drink. Cynical and jaded. Beach

boy looking type. Must speak fluent Swahili. Should be able to


4. Kago (male – 13 to 15 years old) Sammy’s only son. Hasn’t

broken his voice yet. Petite. Short. Malnourished. Thin. Rugged.

Dark. Dirty. Your typical street kid. Untidy hair, could have small

untidy dreadlocks. A rebellious, street-wise looking kid. Shabby

and rough. Doesn’t take care of himself. Must speak sheng,

Swahili and English.

5. Wadu (male- late 40’s or early 50’s) Kenyan Somali, thin. Eyes

that tell a story that cannot be read. Has a polite smile. From the

Somali community. Amos business rival. Cracks jokes. Arrogant,

selfish, can be cruel. Speaks Somali, Swahili and a little bit of


6. Clint (20 to 25 years) White/mzungu. : Reckless hedonist, loves

having fun, believes in a fair world where justice always has its

way. Doesn’t take time to think before he acts. Spoilt brat.

Speaks English

7. Morris (20 to 25 years). Clint’s friend. Young and athletic. Dress

code: Hip, smart. Fun loving, smart, mature. He is urban, but not

in a superficial way. Knows where he is coming from. Should

speaks English, Swahili, Igembe

For more information contact Gerald Langiri, Casting Director, on 

0708 847 917

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mark kariuki

Am Mark,18yrs of age.I would like to join your crew..

Ruth Nonouka

i would like to be one of your actriss
am 14 years old


Add your voice to the conversation…I thynk I can give it a shot, bring it up im confident

Mubarak maulidi Mohammed

Hi am mubarak Mohammed age 21yrs..i have a passion in acting And i would be thankful if you can give me a chance to show what i can offer. I’d b waiting for your feed back, thanks in advance.

Pharnize moraa

Hi am pharnize i have a passion for acting i have done couple of stage plays my director my peter kawa acted in sumu la penzi" "who is fooling who"and many more i would like to cast in any of your upcoming films even if i start as an extra i will highly appreciate.THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Brian mwangi kimwaki

My name is Brian. A male who finished form four last year. I have acted since primary school and I have even received various certificate in actin. I would want to be one of your casts and continue with my acting career.


I am 19, with great passion for art. With lots of skills from school theatres.


I would like to be one of your actress am 21years

Mitchelle Doris

Hey there!
I’m Doris,18years,female of course. I have a passion for acting,but haven’t really had the chance to utilise it,so,I’m hoping you’d give me the chance to be on board for Nairobi Half Life. I bet I’ll learn a lot from working with you. Hope to hear from you soon;)

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