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Natalie Portman Joins Michael Fassbender In ‘Macbeth’

Natalie Portman Joins Michael Fassbender In 'Macbeth'

It seems that after Michael Fassbender bailed on the troubled western “Jane Got A Gun,” there were no hard feelings between himself and Natalie Portman, who is also producing that movie. They also paired up on Terrence Malick‘s forthcoming music scene movie (provided they don’t get cut) and indeed, they’re set to try working together again on a different project, one that will hopefully keep the drama in front of the camera, instead of behind it.

Just one day after it was reported that Fassy was taking the title role in “Macbeth,” Screen Daily reports that Portman will be his Lady Macbeth. Yeah, nice. This new adaptation of Shakespeare’s legendary play was penned by Todd Louiso (the director behind “Love Liza” and “Hello I Must Be Going“) and Jacob Koskoff (who co-penned “The Marc Pease Experience” with Louiso), and will keep the 11th century setting and original dialogue. However, it may be bloodier with “significant battle scenes” promised. “Jane Got A Bard” or something, right? 

Snowtown” director Justin Kurzel will take the helm, in what is a pretty decent leap from his serial killer indie, with production slated for later this year.

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I've been waiting for a new adaptation of Macbeth for awhile now, it's one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Fassbender is brilliant casting, not crazy about Portman ( Chastain, Blanchett, Weisz would've been significantly better). My main concern is the "significant battle scenes promised" bit. I really hope they don't turn one of the most psychologically complexed works in literature into another mindless, action packed, piece of sh*t extravaganza that Hollywood is so good at. By all means if the writers want to depict the barbarity of war & carnage, go ahead but I hope they won't have that overshadow the psychological drama at the heart of the play.


Awful decision!!! Fassbender is great, but Portman is a little girl! Her last good role was "Léon"!
It defenitily should have been Kidman!


I must agree, Natalie can't act, the last good role she did really well in and should have received that ill-gotten gained Oscar was The Professional, after that I have yet to be impressed with anything she's done or might ever do. Fassy is a wonderful actor and will no doubt rock the sh*t out of this role, can't wait to see this new adaption. Michael is very versatile and completely embodies his characters, so he really should play opposite of someone who can be AT LEAST deemed an equal, Natalie is not. This new Untitled Malick film that they are both in will bomb, but not b/c of Michael poor acting. With all the big name Oscar winners/Nominees who have failed follow-up roles since their Oscar wins, they will just shadow his role.; unless he's naked, lol) If you think about the other actors involved, you can see why this movie will fail (maybe Bale can help b/c Batman Dark Knight Rises made serious bank, but we'll see); Malick movie will be Portman's follow up Black Swan Oscar win and if you know follow up films of Oscar winners, this has signs that it will fail. Tree of Life was not good, even super high. This can also be said about The Counselor coming out later this year. The story may work, but Michael's co-stars will cloud his acting. Just don't cast this B- actress, PLZ


Yeah. Fucking awful casting.



" I agree. She acts like a little girl trapped in a woman's body which was perfect for Black Swan and is fine in most of her movies but there is no way she can sell the ambition, scheming and hunger for power of Lady Macbeth. "

I completely agree, because Natalie Portman's acting range is pretty narrow, and her performance in The Black Swan was one-note ( she was miserable and profoundly insecure throughout the whole film ). Besides, Portman received horrible reviews when she co-starred in Shakespeare In The Park's The Seagull. The poor girl was the weakest link in that whole cast. It is nothing wrong with with pushing yourself, but you have to know your limitations.


Portman and Fassbender as the Macbeths, now that is a bad casting decision. By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes, and it might be a dubious version of this play.


God oh mighty I think poor Natalie is in love with poor unknowing Michael. Married with a baby and all she can do is keeping make movies with her Movie Set Husband, Jesus woman here's a quarter call your agent and get off Michael s' stick already, you look stupid. Please God pick someone else…PLEASE…. The whole lot of us can't wait to see anything with Fassy in it, however if Natty in it, we will save our time, our energy, and our money and use simple patience and just see it on Netflix for $8.00


Nicole Kidman would have been great for this. So would Charlize Theron. As would Cate Blanchett.

If I were casting this, Natalie Portman wouldn't even be in my top 10 list of viable actors to cast. And Lady Macbeth is the kind of role where nearly any actress you ask would say yes.


Was excited about the Fassbender casting now with this Portman announcement, this film has gone from something I would kill to see to something I'll never, ever watch. She is NOT right for this role. So many fine actresses to choose from and they picked this boring woman-child. I wonder how many more of his films she'll try and slither her way into.


Well so much Nicole Kidman/Andrea Riseborough


I hope they take on a more historically accurate adaptation than Shakespeare's version. Macbeth was loved by Scotland & only 50 years old when he was killed by Malcolm Canmore. If its to highlight when he kills Duncan & takes the throne, then Portman & Fassbender ages are perfect.


Portman is a great actress, but this is a dull casting selection. There are so many other actresses that would have been a better choice. I wonder if the producers didn't trust Fassbender as the main headliner and demanded an Oscar winning A-list actress to co-lead with him.


Uhh… I recognize they're trying to market to younger crowds, but this is mildly insulting casting. Cast them as Hamlet and Ophelia, fine. They both play too young to be the Macbeths and they sure as h#ll don't have the emotional range for the Scottish play.
They do know it's Shakespeare, yeah?
Sorry, but I'm pissed on behalf of the other good actors/actresses who could do these roles.


i love portman but chastain would be perfect too!fassy&chassy project pls.


LOL. Andrea Riseborough would have been perfect.


Is this a joke? Worst decision ever


I like Portman's work and she's incredibly brilliant, but I'm not very enthusiastic about her as Lady M. For one the role requires someone older and can project more gravitas. Sorry but maybe it's cuz I've seen her in too many ingenue roles. I really had my heart set on Rachel Weisz. She would've killed it. Well here's hoping for some surprises.


The most hilariously awful casting decision of the year.


I knew it.


This sounds good. Snowtown was awesome and criminally underrated.


Wasn't expecting her for this but I'm really excited to see Portman take on this role. She's making really interesting post-Oscar choices…

I love her, but noooo.

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