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Official Images From ‘Black Nativity’ + Details On Original Music

Official Images From 'Black Nativity' + Details On Original Music

In a USA Today profile of the film today, you’ll find 4 official images from the film (until now, we’d only seen on-set photos taken by fans), as well some useful information about what to expect, like the music song in the movie musical will include R&B, gospel, and also rap; and Mary J. Blige will, with her platinum Afro, plays a guardian angel to star Jacob Latimore’s character, Langston; and both Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett do their own singing in the film, with Jennifer Hudson saying that they both can carry a tune. Hudson also said that she’s been offered “quite a few” musicals, but hasn’t been interested.

Terence Blanchard is composing the film’s score, while Raphael Saadiq is writing music for it.

Fox Searchlight has set a release date for Kasi Lemmons’ Black Nativity for November 272013
Tyrese GibsonLuke James, singer and rapper Nas round out the cast. 
Check out the official stills above and below:

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THAT'S A FLY HAIRPIECE ON MARY J. BLIGE. Halley barry fugged up storm. she was AWFUL. storm was an elegant, upscale, long, lengthy beautiful BLACK WOMAN who ceased all the attention. halley berry – not so much.


Do we have to?


They have MJB looking like Storm….I like the fact that she is playing an angel, though.


I thought Mary was RuPaul! Would've made a much more interesting looking film.


@This film generally: No. I'm not a Christian or religious at all, and I'm tired of black Christian films. If they hold back on the religious element (I'm thinking they won't because of the word "nativity" in the title), then I might go see it.

@Mary J's hairpiece: I'm annoyed (so tired of black women donning such hideous, fake weaves and hairpieces) but also confused, mesmerized, and just a little in love with that hair on her.

Me again

that hairpiece!

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