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Opening Weekend Box Office Results For ‘An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty’

Opening Weekend Box Office Results For 'An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty'

In specialty box office, Terence Nance’s feature film debut, An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty, opened with solid numbers for a film with no stars, and a tiny marketing budget, playing on just 2 screens, both in New York.

The Gotham Award-winner (for “Best Film Not Playing at a Theaters Near You”) was picked up by Variance Films earlier this year, and opened this weekend to several sold out showings at both theaters in which it screened – the Film Society of Lincoln Center and Cinema Village, earning $11,100 total, for a per screen average of $5,550.

Said Variance Film’s chief Dylan Marchetti:

Our uptown numbers were highly limited by the fact that we only had two shows a day on Friday and Saturday […] No matinees at all (which are huge for the uptown crowd), and no prime time evening show on Saturday night. Downtown, we started in a 70 seat theater, but by Friday night we had moved to a much larger house which we were able to fill up. Our Saturday evening show was sold out by 2pm. The Film Society folks were awesome and wanted to play the film badly, but they had already committed to other films, so they worked very hard to get us on-screen…It wasn’t a lack of faith on their part, just a lack of space. After other films like Sound CityUpstream Color, and Detropia, we think it helps prove a point that DIWO releasing is a viable and competitive theatrical model for a great film that doesn’t fit the typical mold”.

DIWO stands for “Do It With Others.”

The film will be playing all this week at those 2 theaters, so check it out if you can. It will continue to expand to other cities through the early summer, so visit the film’s website HERE for scheduled future playdates.

Read Tambay’s review of it HERE if you missed it. And read Jasmin’s interview with Terence HERE.

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In a perfect world this thread should be full of comments like "I can't wait to see this film!" or "This is awesome for this young brother! How many more will follow in his footsteps!?" Or I saw it and I thought this about it…and that…" This is a beautiful, moving, highly original film on so many levels. If you are in the New York area please see it and spread the word. These are the films we need to support. This is a victory for us independent minded folks in the black film world. There's no reason why this film can't be seen at Magic Johnson's theater in Harlem and many more theaters in New York and across the U.S. It can be done. Lincoln Center and Cinema Village continue in this depressing economic climate that is anti-art andf pro-corporation to bring us interesting films from people all over the world. Support them please. Congratulations Terence and everybody else responsible for bring "Oversimplification" to the big screen!

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