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Oscar-Winner MP Glenda Jackson Rips Thatcher in Parliament (VIDEO)

Oscar-Winner MP Glenda Jackson Rips Thatcher in Parliament (VIDEO)

Meryl Streep won her second Best Actress Oscar playing Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.” And April 10 another two-time Oscar winner, Labour MP Glenda Jackson (“Women in Love,” “A Touch of Class”) delivered a powerful anti-Thatcher diatribe in the House of Commons, holding firm against the loud protests of her more conservative colleagues.

I was moved by this forthright speech, which demonstrates yet again the force of personality and spirit required to hold your own in the British Parliament.

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Thank you Glenda for telling some truth and not letting the media and the "opinion makers" wrap a phony flourish depiction of the Thatcher era. Thanks for keeping it very real… 1,000,000 hits in Youtube and growing…


Well done Glenda Jackson…at last someone pointing out the horrid truths of this vile 'woman'!

Candace Allen, London

Thanks for posting this, Anne. Labeling Jackson's presentation a tirade is an example of propagandistic image control. In the opinion of a very large number of folk here Jackson's words were trenchant truth and we thank her.


Classless is what I would label this tirad. You may not agree with Mrs Thatcher, but to blast her after death to promote your own career is a pity. Be respectful, regardless of others political beliefs.

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