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Project of the Day: ‘Who We Were and Where We Lived’

Project of the Day: 'Who We Were and Where We Lived'

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Who We Were and Where We Lived”

Tweetable Logline:

For twelve-year-old Pip, it’s time to make a history that is all his own.

Elevator Pitch:

“Who We Were and Where We Lived” is a short film set in the childhood imagination of Pip, a young boy living in the heart of Brooklyn. Pip romanticizes history, longing to live in another era, where–in his eyes–things were perfect and exciting, and big historic moments were made.

With the arrival of his twelfth birthday, Pip is forced to give up his
fantasies of the past, come to terms with the reality of his own
circumstances, and learn to appreciate the present day.

Pip must find a way to make his own history, rather than live in someone else’s.


Production Team:

Written, Directed and Production Designed by James Bartol (

Produced by Tess Antonellis, Christina Tellez, and Mirsada Abdool Raman
Cinematography by Peter Steusloff (
Assistant Director: Mohammad Tavakoli
Line Producer: Brenda Lopez

About the Production:

“Much like Pip, we can so easily fall in love with the past. To romanticize the days of yesteryear and the people and places that have already been.

“But there comes a time when we must stop, open our eyes, and take a look at what’s right in front of us. Right here and right now. To live in the the world before us, rather than the world behind us.

“This film explores this journey. Discovering that history is better lived, than looked back upon, and that in order to honor history, we must write one of our own.” — James Bartol

Current Status:


For more information and to support this projprect:

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Abdullah E. Ayub

Nice concept. Sounds great, would like to watch it.

assad mauritius

Who were where we lived – sounds great

farkhanda hassan

I will want to watch this movie.

Dr Shoaib Sobani

This will be a brilliant production.
Would love to watch it. Marvelous effort.


Would love to see the movie and best wishes

Saadia Sohail

A very interesting and different concept, would love to watch it InshAllah.

S Ara

Brilliant … Well done Mirsada


Looks like a great concept, looking forward to see it.

Ijaz Ahmad

Looks like a great movie; taking us to our past, connecting to present and leading to future course correction. We were more human in the past living on thisplanet eart but slowly and gradually have tranformed into robots. Perhaps this movie will take us back to our origion.


Cant' wait to see the full movie – great idea

Dr. M. Triq Iqbal

A beautiful capture – would love to see it "once" again

Jared Beh

Should be good.

Maria Lib

This is going to be a great movie! James Bartol will be a big name some day!

Devika Patel

This looks like an amazing movie! I cant wait to follow its progress and hopefully watch it in the future!! Keep up the amazing work (and shout out to Mirsada!)

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