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R-Rated ‘Weird Science’ Remake In The Works, ‘Project X’ & ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ Writer Michael Bacall To Pen Script

R-Rated 'Weird Science' Remake In The Works, 'Project X' & 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' Writer Michael Bacall To Pen Script

So, this is happening. And while we would prefer John Hughes movies to be left alone, if it has to be “Weird Science” getting a remake — as much as we like it — we’re not too torn up about it. The movie about two nerds who literally create the perfect woman, who winds up teaching these two dweebs to stand up for themselves, is certainly dated in its premise alone, so perhaps a contemporary redo is not entirely a bad thing. Well, Universal is gonna give it a shot anyway.

The studio has announced they’ve tasked Michael Bacall — “Project X,” “21 Jump Street,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” to write the script, with Joel Silver producing the laffer. And it will be quite different. Firstly, it’s going to be R-rated and “edgier,” but perhaps more inexplicably, they’re aiming for something between ‘Jump Street’ and “The Hangover,” which kind of makes zero sense to us. We’re mostly just curious how it’ll tackle the whole “creating the perfect woman” part of the story and we presume it’ll ditch the more surreal elements for wacky teenage antics.

Anyway, put it on Bacall’s to-do list and we’ll see how this develops and who comes around to try and fill Hughes’ shoes. [Deadline]

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You know, when i said I wanted more adult content I meant I wanted more talking and grown up situations not more boobs. If I wanna see boobs i have the internet. A great part of Wierd Sciences appeal was it's geeky playful nature, not to mention John Hughes'es awsomeness. terrible idea that'll I'm gonna have to pass on.


Dear God why?! Hollywood should just start punching us in the face from now on.


Correct Bacall's name in the headline


I was a teenager when wierd science came out, and thought it was an OK, not great movie. This went along with the general trend of the eighties of using science/magic to help teens get laid.

My remake opinion is that you should remake all the mediocre movies you want, so I am fine with the idea. The idea of a Hard-R remake is fine…but what I find funny about all these recent R-rated comedies is how little nudity/sex is in any of them. A remake of Weird Science should have nudity and sex in it. Not saying sex between the geeks and the created fantasy woman, but sex none-the-less.

Either way, only 20 % chance this even happens.

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