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Robert Redford Takes ‘The Old Man And The Gun’ With ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ Director David Lowery

Robert Redford Takes 'The Old Man And The Gun' With 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints' Director David Lowery

At 76 years old, Robert Redford could take the easy way out, working with the established veterans he could easily reach with a phone call, and doing safe material that would be a lay up with critics and audiences. But that’s just not how Redford rolls. Booking a part in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and with a reportedly dialogue-free role in “Margin Call” director J.C. Chandor‘s upcoming “All Is Lost,” Redford is finding some fun with younger filmmakers in the kinds of movies he’s not really known for. And now he’s teaming up with a director who made some serious waves at Sundance in January.

David Lowery — director of “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” and editor of “Upstream Color” — will write and direct “The Old Man And The Gun,” with Redford slated to star and produce. Based on a 2003 New Yorker article written by David Grann (a favorite it seems, with articles of his being eyed and taken on by folks like Roman Polanski, George Clooney and Kimberly Peirce) the story is based on the true story of Forrest Tucker, a lifelong bank robber who never shook the thrill of the chase. The article itself catches up with a 78 year-old Tucker, living in a retirement community, but still itching to crack open some safes. And while THR notes, “Lowery’s take focuses on a specific time period in Tucker’s life, although details were not revealed” one can take a pretty good guess given the star attached.

This is the latest high profile gig for Lowery post-Sundance, who was also recently hired to pen Disney‘s remake of “Pete’s Dragon” and it marks a 2013 that is turning out to be a helluva year for the filmmaker. ‘Saints’ arrives on August 16th so you can see exactly what the hype was about.

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Debbie Cantrell

One of my all time favorite actors IS Robert Redford!
He is still going strong and he must be one of the busiest Actor/Writer/Director/Producer's in the film industry to date and he has given so much to us over many years.   Robert Redford supports independent films and is the genius behind Sundance Film Festival and the Sundance Channel.  So TURN HIM ON when you use that remote or CHECK HIM OUT the next time you go to the theater…  Redford's latest film release to theater's is "The Company You Keep".

Maggie TerryViale

Another one for Robert Redford! 1,2,3 GO Bob! :)

Natahlie Krista Lauren

Bob is the best super hero there is and I love him in all his movies!

Kimber Dion / Boulevard Studios

"That's just not how Redford rolls…" how true! He is incredibly talented, a man who goes for the tough roles and doesn't shy away from them, it doesn't matter if he is 76 or 36- the man is a powerhouse of awesomeness! Have always been a huge fan and will continue to support him 110%, he is a genuinely sincere and thoughtful human being. This man has my utmost respect. Congrats Bob!

Kathryn Long

All I can do is smile and BEAM with joy!!! This is great news! Robert Redford (Bob) is my favorite actor, business person and gentleman!!! Wonderful!!!

Stephen B

David Grann is great. Pretty much all of his stories in the collection The Devil and Sherlock Holmes could/should be made into films. Looking forward to seeing Lowery's work.

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