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S&A ‘Scandal’ Recap – What The Huck? And Where’s Our Season 3 Renewal?

S&A 'Scandal' Recap - What The Huck? And Where's Our Season 3 Renewal?

For many Scandal fans a three-week hiatus was just way too long!  So much so fans actually started a petition to request this not happen again.  But what Scandal fans should be wondering is why an announcement hasn’t been made regarding the renewal for a third season.  I don’t think anyone thinks it’s not going to happen.  But one has to wonder why ABC has yet to confirm.  Can’t be because the ratings aren’t good.

ABC may have made Scandal fans wait, but quite a bit was revealed in this episode entitled “Seven Fifty Two.”  As the episode concluded I wondered if Shonda might have been listening to Usher’s “Confessions” because so many people seem to be making them.

If last season had a lot to do with Quinn, this season seems to be all about Huck.  Last night’s episode started five years prior where we get to see Olivia and Huck meet for the first time.  His mental stability is an ongoing problem and we finally get to find out why.

“752” is likely to be a number played quite a bit in the lottery all over the country today.  Huck repeated those words while rocking back and forth the whole episode.  My facebook feed was full of predictions of what the number meant.  But we will get to that later.

While Huck is struggling with obvious post-traumatic stress disorder of some kind the rest of the office tries to help him by talking to him, or rather using this time to make confessions.

Quinn reveals her past hopes and dreams: the wedding, the house, the family, and the life.  She laments how her life was stolen from her and tries to get Huck to move forward.  

Abbey laments the life she gave up with David to be a Gladiator;  How Olivia swoops in and saves them when they are at their worst;  How she owes Olivia her life, and because of this, she and the rest of the group are blindly loyal.  

Harrison reveals that he is a talker, and that its what nearly landed him in jail before Olivia saved him.  “All I have ever done is talk,” he states.   But the talker doesn’t have anything worthy to say to Huck.  He is rather emotional and for the first time we get to see a few cracks in his hefty self-esteem.  

When Olivia finally returns at the end of the episode, she reveals in a few words, a much darker past.  Stating that she stopped at that train station because Huck’s eyes were sadder than her own.  That she and Huck shared a darker experience than the rest of Pope and Associates, and that she needed him.  We have yet to meet any of the Pope family or really get any background about how she got to where she is.

Via flashback we find out that Huck was a vet recruited by the government to work for an agency called B613.  B613 employees take out domestic enemies of the state.  While Huck is offered the job, I don’t know if anyone else felt that he didn’t have any other choice but to take it.  We find out Charlie wasn’t just a co-worker but essentially his mentor.   

Family is not allowed, apparently, for B613 employees because when they find out about Huck’s, Charlie instructs him to take care of it.  When Huck makes the decision to run, he is apprehended and thrown into a cell beneath the ground.  He is asked one question every time they come back: “Do you have a wife and child?”  They don’t release him until he says “no.” Frankly, I am not so sure that he actually has a family or if the woman and child he sees at the train station aren’t just another family he had chosen, like in other episodes.  Time will reveal whether the woman and child he sees at 7:52 are indeed Kim and his son Javier.  

We find Charlie has a soft side, if Kim and the baby are indeed alive.  He also allows Huck to live despite the fact that he reports that he terminated him.  But I think the revelation in this moment is, who he is reporting the information to!  Joe Morton’s character is actually the head of B613.  Or at least used to be when Huck was part of the team.  Which begs the question: do they know Huck is alive?  Is Huck his real name? I don’t recall during the entire flashback the use of his name.

Captain Ballard finally meets Cyrus.  Cyrus plays it cool as always, but he puts Charlie on the job to find proof about the Captain’s relationship with Olivia.   If we wondered how the Captain felt about Olivia, we found out tonight.  He makes the request to Joe Morton’s character to be removed from the case.  

Cyrus tries to get President Grant to leave Olivia’s side.  As usual, he gives us the quote of the evening “. . .  President of the United States is on a late night booty call.”

Meanwhile Mellie has been resourceful and she has found out that President Grant hasn’t left Olivia’s side.  She moves out and let’s Grant know that “life as you know it is over.” In other words, get it together or everything I know will be revealed.  As much as Mellie annoys me you can’t blame her.

I am so over the relationship between Olivia and President Grant.  I want Olivia to just let it burn as they say.  She tells him at the beginning of the episode “I don’t believe you any more.”  But by the end of the episode she is back in his arms.  I know she walks out on him, but we all know that this tawdry tale is going to last the length of the series.  Is anyone else over it?

Two more episodes left!  I have a feeling they will be jammed packed.

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Aisha Wilson

Huck 's real name is Cedric!! 40 mins into the episode when they finally bring Huck out of the cell, he fails at a task he was given as a test. Charlie had orders to kill him if he failed ,but instead he let Huck go. Later on when Charlie and another agent are in their boss's office they refer to Huck as "Cedric" stating that he failed the test and that Charlie "took care of " him. The boss then states that the situation is sad because Huck/Cedric had so much potential

Natalie Chanel

LOVE OLIVIA and FITZ. Hope Jakes footage doesn't ruin everything for them ending up together. Great chemistry, he's so handsome!

Season 3 better happen. If it doesn't, TV is CRAP. So many people would be let down in regards to the little entertainment outlet we get to escape with once a week. They really need to keep their productions going, and stop canceling great shows, which just adds extra disappointment to the little things in life.


If you over Olitz then get over Scandal and stop watching it because it isn't going anywhere. Olitz is the heat of the show. There wouldn't be "Scandal" if it wasn't of Olitz. Even Shonda said today in an interview that they are the heart of the show and next season will focus on them….Olivia and Fitz's chemistry is amazing. Plus, honestly who gives a damn about the side plots…the mole, abby and david….quinn and huck…..I mean to a certain extent I do….but the reason fans tune is for Olitz not for not freaking mole or to watch Quinn or Huck. So let's be real.


Unless I am missing something, I have very little doubt that Huck's family is real.

This explains why Huck always adopts a family to watch, because even though he couldn't remember his own family, something in his subconscious made him want to watch over other people's famillies.

Didn't S&A already reveal that Jasika would have a surprising arc on "Scandal"?

That means that she will indeed be back, and I hope that the reunion is good.

The show has me paranoid. They may make Jasika a spy (like Huck's other girlfriend was).

One thing that the show did that a soap opera normally would not do: Huck warned Jasika's character that they had to leave before he disappeared. So she knew that something was wrong. Normally a soap opera would not allow Huck's character to let his wife know that something was wrong.

I almost started crying when his son put money in his cup at the subway. So messed up

I'm not sure of how much time has passed between the subway and present day on the show, but wouldn't it be crazy if Huck's son was now a teenage spy?


The more important question is who gives a FlYING F*** about American Idol? How's this cinema of the African diaspora? Because dumbass Minaj is a judge? Miss me with this bullshit and write about something real.

"Hey still dating those white chicks aren't you?" ~ Sergio

Now damnit, I must have fallen down a rabbit hole ( that infinitesimally deep and complex place known has wonderland) 'cause that was Sergio cappin' on BLACKMAN who confessed his love for white chicks while hating on Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. But now that I am here, I think I'll look around and see who's down in this wonderland.

Oh, I get it, I can see more clearly now. This is a place were all the lonely sisters who love white guys can live vicariously through the soap opera world ( the black chick who a fool for the white guy) of Olivia Pope. Okay, the light is on, I can see that. I mean, I love watching NBA basketball. I don't know how many times I've awaken from my sleep after hitting the game winning shot in the finals of the NBA Championship. Of course it was just a dream but what's wrong with dreaming?

But wait a minute, I hear something… it's a clothed White Rabbit with a pocket watch. Oh lord, he is with a sistah and they left two bottles on the table labelled "DRINK ME" and "EAT ME". Hmmmm, I wonder what they're trying to tell me?


there is no scandal without Olivia and Fitz they make the show interesting the love between is so intense it is great please let their love continue


The music on the show always seems to correlate with the "moment" or scene. I did not see any correlation between "Brick House" and Huck's first victim in this episode? Any thoughts?


I think she means does B613 know he's alive. Clearly Charlie knows because of the spy episode earlier in the season.


Perhaps we all recall Charlie saying in the episode when he first encounters Huck, "Charlie, as in Manson".


…What? Huck's family is clearly real, he's just too broken by his torture to be sure. His wife was played by the awesome Jasika Nicole from Fringe.

No, Huck is not his real name. In one of his previous scenes with Charlie, he admitted that he named himself after Huckleberry Finn. Charlie, too, named himself after some book or song, but can't remember what.


There are 3 more episodes left: 220, 221, and 222.

I love the dance between Olivia and Fitz! Yes it's frustrating, but it brings the drama and puts their chemistry on full display. I'm glad Fitz finally spoke his mind to Olivia. She needs to let what he said sink in. I bet they'll be some reconciliation between them before the end of the season.

At the end of each episode, I'm usually a wreck. So much is jammed into one episode that I'm over whelmed, yet still hungry for me.

I hope Huck reunites with his wife and son. I'm hurting for my poor Huck!


Charlie knows Huck is alive. They came face to face earlier this season in an elevator with Hollis Doyle. Maybe because it's been so long Charlie no longer see's him as a threat to the B613 agency. I'm a little over the 'Liv Fitz thing too. I don't agree, however, that if the writers allow their romantic "dance" to end, that that's the end of the show because they're also political nemesis's, somewhat.


Umm…. So…. I'm in Eastern North Carolina and during the VERY LAST minute of Scandal last night (10:59 pm!!!) the local TV station decided to cut to commercial RIGHT when Huck looks up – at the clock – in the subway station – that says 7:52! Therefore, I had to take an educated guess that "7:52" meant the arrival time of his family's train each day. Yep – they cut to commercial and then after only 1 commercial they cut back to Scandals closing credits!!! So my question is… Who the Hell is f'in with me at WCTI!?! No, really somebody almost got stabbed last night.

OAMRN, Yes I'm over "Olitz" it's played and Olivia has a lot of game when it comes to fixing other peoples political problems but she's been "gamed" this whole damn series. I've over it. And the fact that she dumped that fine ass chocolate (Edison) – really? All done for drama's sake by Rhimes of course but that irked me, greatly. And now her alternative is a B613 spy assassin? This lady won't be happy, she can't be. At least that's how it's panning out. And I'm still waiting to see Harrison's back- and front- stories. So he almost went to jail, ok. Does he have a life outside of Pope and Assoc.? And yes, what' IS Olivia's back story? Maybe that will be Season 3.

The strength of this show is that it always leaves you wanting more and asking more questions while remaining extremely entertaining. I can't wait to see the remaining episodes.


Are you kidding? The chemistry and mysterious flame between Fitz and Olivia is why so many people LOVE Scandal. If Shonda Rhimes takes that away — the show is all but over. Fitz and Mellie do not love each other. This is an arranged marriage with politics as the glue. Besides, we all recall Mellie being angry with Liv for not doing 'her part' to keep Amanda out of bed with Fitz. We all knew exactly what she meant by that. Mellie is playing us all for a fool. She doesn't care who sleeps with Fitz as long as she's at the center of attention. Honestly, Mellie has so much more to lose by going up against Fitz — she would have to start from the bottom to get her political capital at a level where she could be on the national scene again. The press would eat her alive — her lies would catch up with her then those lies would bury any chance that the conjured up sympathy could garner. Two closing thoughts: (1) Alert: no real secret service agent would disclose the information that Hal has — I'm waiting for the ax to fall on him. (2) Ms. Rhimes, please give Harrison a background and storyline — he's a goregeous man who certainly has a past.


This episode was so far the best of the series for me. I believe that truly is Huck's family since the flashbacks in the series are usually the true account of what happened. They did not use Huck's real name in any of the flashbacks. I was even spying his Marine uniform to see a name badge, but there was not one. They only refer to him as Finn which we already know was his spy name from the episode Spies Like Us. I am soooooooooooooooooooo over Liv and Fitz. His empty words despite having NO room or opportunity for her in his life. Olivia needs to leave him alone. I was glad the writers had her confession with Huck reveal how alone she truly felt despite the dreams Fitz sells her. Then the crazy thought that even Huck has a family out there, a living, breathing child and Olivia really has no one. That is, if Huck's wife and child are still alive. Hopefully they are cause this guy needs some love and normalcy.


I'm pretty sure in the scene when Charlie tells command that Huck is dead they refer to him as Cedric.


To answer you last question….I'm over it!

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