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Say Goodbye To TV One’s New Scripted Series ‘Belle’s’…

Say Goodbye To TV One's New Scripted Series 'Belle's'...

Well my dear Friends. TV One has decided Not 2 pick up Belles the best show & cast they ever had. I am in shock. But it will be back.

The above is a tweet from co-star of the series, Miguel Núñez

So I suppose that’s it then for TV One’s latest original scripted series, Belle’s – a comedy centered around a widower who owns and operates his family’s upscale soul food restaurant.

The half-hour series was co-created by Emmy Award-winning producer Ed Weinberger (TaxiThe Cosby Show).

Keith DavidElise NealTami RomanElla Joyce and Nadja Alaya, made up the series’ starring cast.

The family-friendly series premiered on February 1 for a modest 6-episode run on TV One, to less than enthusiastic overall reviews.

It looks like those 6 episodes are it!

I watched a couple of them, and, in short, it was not for me, and I never returned; so this non-pick up isn’t a surprise to me. Although I’m glad TV One is making the effort to produce original scripted shows. They’ve certainly done well with the non-scripted series like Unsung, Find Our Missing, and others.

Were you a Belle’s fan? Will you miss it?

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C Woods

A very funny show with a good cast of actors that lacked promotion. I think it would have done well in a time slot other than 3am.


Loved the show Belle’s; sad to hear it has gone by the wayside. I’ve stopped watching TV other than to see Unsung. Not enough shows like Belle’s.

Kennard Stewart

The show although well meaning just seemed to have no substance to it


I enjoyed this show and the cast. Thought with time it would surely catch it’s stride and be a hit; 6 episodes is not necessarily enough time.

sharese Johnson

I really liked the show, I hate that it will not be coming back. But Love That Girl is still on??? #confused

Miles Ellison

Next time they should try a comedy centered around a widower who owns a barber shop/beauty salon. More people would probably watch that.


Pure garbage. How it made it to six episodes is beyond me…….


The show was terrific and sad to see it go. It was different and very funny. A show with warmth and good values amid a few antics. Will miss it and should it be picked up by another network I hope they don't change a thing and keep growing in the right direction. Simple comedy without the garbage.

Kayla Wilson

When I first saw the show,I knew it was doomed from the start.I mean,why would you start a show off by talking about your ancestors and the family that owned them?Come on!!I was definitely surprised to see Cameron Mathison on the first episode though.Then,if that didn't grab people,they decide to make an episode about Bill getting attached to a pig he was going to slaughter for a meal?What the heck!That was just a poor,desperate way to get fans and I'm glad that this show got cancelled.I always skipped by it and hopefully everyone else skipped by it too.Just because there were A-List stars on the show doesn't mean it would get that A-List spark.I thought this show might grow on me like "The Soul Man" but I was clearly wrong by far.


this show is better thann the crap from Byron Allen's entertainment studios tv:
'The First Family' and 'Mr Box Office'. Both these shows have great casts but S U C K.


it would have been a good show if they had another idea of how to do it…


This shit made it to six episodes???!!!!

Firedup RTG

I just want more original scripted programming. Reality tv is so tired.


Confession: I watched the "Belle's" *marathon* when I was held hostage in my bedroom by a sinus infection. It was hokey. It was campy. It was wack. Ella Joyce: Last good role was when she was the woman walking with the bag of groceries in TLC's "Waterfalls." Keith David: Why, boo? Elise Neal: (see Keith David comment) Miguel Nunez: Best role was "Goldie" on "Living Single"; other than that, have several seats, sir. Tami Roman: Hmph. Little girl: I don't talk badly against little chirren.



There were atleast 2 episodes that had great messages behind them. This show was five times better than "The Ricky Smiley Show".


Watched the pilot and tried, TRIIIIED to like this show (Elise Neal is my GURL!) but alas, it was too predictable ("Oh here comes the Ella Joyce wisecrack", "Enter cute kid to say her 'line' "). I wish them well in their next projects.


I tried to support the show but as you've stated it wasnt for me. I enjoyed the little girl though, I thought she was a good actress.


This show was embarrassingly bad — and should never have been on the air in the first place. It was the god-awful spawn of Tyler Perry's disturbing and ultimately damaging influence on entertainment. Religious folks, those who applauded this artless mess of pottage, need to recognize that they don't need to compromise on creative quality for the sake of seeing images that closely reflect their lives on screen. Good riddance, to this terrible piece of television — if only we could be assured it was the last of its kind!


Never seen it. I haven't watched a new sitcom in years. Only the reruns of classic 90's shows and Golden Girls.


This show was terrible. It looked very low budget. Such a waste on a pretty good cast.


I actually enjoyed the show! I thought it was wholesome and funny. I will miss it!


Best cast? Ella Joyce hasn't been hot since Roc. And Tammi Roman…never hot.


Its not really surprising that this show wasn't picked up for a second season. It was kind of campy. Who has a restaurant with ZERO customers?? Chile bye!


Instead of audiences supporting more family friendly fare, they instead clamor to see things like "Love That Girl". Geesh. Oh well, can't blame the creators. Gotta give the consumers what they want or at least what they settle for, right?


Maybe they shouldn’t have been so disparaging of people who believe differently in the episode about atheism. “How can you love anyone if you don’t love God?” what a joke. glad this trash is cancelled.

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