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‘Scandal’ Is A Repeat Tonight, So Watch Melissa Harris-Perry & Co Discuss The Show Instead

'Scandal' Is A Repeat Tonight, So Watch Melissa Harris-Perry & Co Discuss The Show Instead

For all you Scandalistas out there who’ll be suffering from Scandal withdrawal tonight, since the scheduled episode is a repeat, I thought you’d appreciate this 10-minute segment on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry show, during which she and her panel of guests (Janet Mock, Andrea Plaid, Heather McGhee, and Joy-Ann Reid) had a little Scandal party, discussing the show, its star (Kerry Washington), the character she plays (Olivia Pope) and how she compares to other depictions of black women on screen, the show’s creator (Shonda Rhimes), revelatory moments within it, and more.

The segment was taped during last weekend’s episode of Melissa Harris-Perry. I’m sure many of you have already watched it; but if you haven’t here ya go (don’t say I’ve never done anything nice for you):

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This awful show should have been cancelled long ago.


Joy Ann Reid's personal story is hilarious and sad at the same time. Mellody Hobson has stated that she has been assumed to be the administrative assistant at her company before. SMH


Of course the title that MSNBC put up "why there's nothing strange about the success of Scandal" is not exactly honest. The show was dying in the ratings and would have been pulled from its important timeslot before its run of first season eps had finished if it wasn't for the clout of Ms Rhimes (who essentially had ABC kick to the curb one of her other successful shows "Private Practice" to give "Scandal" an incredibly desirable primetime hour spot). Even the improvement of ratings at the tail end of the first season didn't seem high enough to guarantee a renewal for the second season. But ABC has an important relationship with Rhimes that it didn't want to jeopardize so….voila! This isn't the type of thing that happens all that often on TV so from that standpoint Scandal's survival and its subsequent success is "strange". Strangely unique. It is a testament to Rhimes' standing in the TV industry. I don't consider any of her shows to be great or all that good in some cases, but there is no denying her success.

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