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Screenwriter Sues Tyler Perry Over ‘Temptation’

Screenwriter Sues Tyler Perry Over 'Temptation'

Not again! First it was Good Deeds, now it’s Temptation!

And, yes, I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want to claim credit for Temptation in the first place? But let’s hear the facts first.

The facts being that, today in an Indiana U.S. District Court, screenwriter William James, who lives in Gary, filed a lawsuit against Tyler Perry claiming that the premise for his film Temptation was stolen from James’ 2009 screenplay Lovers Kill.

According to James, the premise of a married couple in which the wife is tempted by another man and the affair destroys the marriage, was lifted from his script, by Perry.

And yes that’s a pretty generic plotline that’s been done 1000 times before, but that’s not stopping James. He claims that he passed the script to an associate of Oprah Winfrey in the hopes that it would be passed along to Perry (And being a writer, you would think that James would have come up with something more creative than that).

Not only is James asking for damages, he also wants the opening and closing credits changed to include the words: “Based on the novel ‘Lovers Kill’ by William James.

Yeah, good luck. Personally I think Sophia Stewart might have a better chance winning her Matrix suit.

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She did settle I know her, know your facts, well then write the right facts, this is how people get sued, just because you have a web site that doesn't mean your always right, if your trying to be a reporter, I hope you have another job, you suck at this one. It must have been pretty good, Tyler Perry stole it didn't he.

knowyour facts

Umm, Sophia Stewart won her case on copyright infringement.


If this case can't be settled, will it be appealed and be decided by a "Chitlin Circuit" Judge?



Not hard to believe, but will wait for the court to judge. It is something that he can put out so much "written, produced and directed by" material in such short amounts of time. I know there is such thing as creative genius but come on!


@Hassan: LMAO!


"According to James, the premise of a married couple in which the wife is tempted by another man and the affair destroys the marriage" <— Sounds like a one of a kind story.

BTW, the movie was based off the play in 2008, James said he wrote it in 2009. So he can sit all the way down with that lawsuit, what a moron. Anyway, the movie still sucked.

Hassan Fvckry (@DLYDJ)

I'm suing Tyler Perry for neck and back damage after watching "Why Did I Get Married Too?"…


Lord, the comments coming to this post….

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