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Shia LaBeouf Will Feel The ‘Fury’ With Brad Pitt

Shia LaBeouf Will Feel The 'Fury' With Brad Pitt

Say what you will about Shia LaBeouf and his tendency to sometimes run his mouth and/or perhaps engage in unsavory off-set antics, but dude has some good taste, coupled with what we can only imagine is a hell of an  agent. Name any other actor LaBeouf’s age who can already count Robert Redford and Lars Von Trier among his collaborators– that’s the right, the list is pretty small. And just a day after it was revealed he would be potentially teaming with Robert De Niro on the drama “Spy’s Kid” now he’s getting set to pair up with one of the biggest stars on the goddamn planet.

LaBeouf will get his WWII movie on with Brad Pitt in “End Of Watch” director David Ayer‘s “Fury.” The film, which has already been picked up by Sony for a fall 2014 release, will find Pitt playing Wardaddy (lol) leading a five-man tank crew as they lock in battle against a desperate German army in the waning days of the war. LaBeouf will be one of the five, but no word yet on if he’ll have a wacky war name, though he could use his own and it would probably work just as well. 

Production will get underway in September and the movie will land on November 14, 2014. [Variety]

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Adam Scott Thompson

LOL So Brad Pitt didn't get his fill the first WWII go-round?

oogle monster

The wardaddy jokes will never die! Also, it seems like regardless of how many high profile filmmakers he works with, the good never quite deliver.


I don't think De Niro and LaBeouf will be able to top the original Spy Kids.

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