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‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Sequel Aiming For 2015, Universal “Actively Working” On Next Bourne

'Snow White And The Huntsman' Sequel Aiming For 2015, Universal "Actively Working" On Next Bourne

Today seems to be all about sequels at Universal. “Fast & Furious 7” is officially dropping in 2014, “Pitch Perfect 2is coming in 2015 and now updates on two more brewing movies have popped up at CinemaCon.

Collider reveals that Universal Pictures chairman Adam Fogelson revealed that the studio is aiming the much discussed “Snow White And The Huntsman” for a 2015 release. While the movie wasn’t a mega sized smash hit, it still collected nearly $400 million worldwide, and perhaps more importantly: when you have a movie with Bella and Thor in it, you don’t toss it out without some serious consideration. There were a lot of rumors last summer about Kristen Stewart being dropped from the sequel following the semi-scandal regarding her relationship with director Rupert Sanders, but last we heard, she’s “central” in the studio’s plans. However, Sanders won’t be back to direct.

Meanwhile, “Bourne” will never die, with Fogelson saying they are “actively working” on another movie. Whether it’s with Jeremy Renner or Matt Damon (who has long insisted not to bother him unless Paul Greengrass is involved), or if Tony Gilroy will get to wield his pen again, remains to be seen. But Bourne will be back in one form or another.

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The performances of Kristen, Charlize and the dwarfs were the reason that this film was a decent blockbuster.

Hire a talented and experienced screenwriter and fans will line up to see Stewart in a compelling sequel.

Alan B

Gilroy has some moves. In the next one, the hero will not meet the villain AGAIN (saving that confrontation for the next the end of the next trilogy) and will instead fight some generic dude that we only see in the third act. There is a limit to how many times a franchise can say that "this program is THE NEXT LEVEL, for real's this time". By the end of 'The Bourne Legacy', I never wanted to hear the terms "program" or "chems" again (or dialogue along the lines of "you want to know THE TRUTH about"). If this was the level of quality that Gilroy delivered for his 'The Bourne Ultimatum' draft (did Jason Bourne fight Shane Jacobson at the end of the second act?), then I am not surprised by Damon's vocal frustration in the guy. I loved the 'Bourne' trilogy and 'Michael Clayton' (and enjoyed 'Duplicity'), but Gilroy fumbled the ball to such a degree that he can never bitch about Liman or Greengrass again. Those days are over.


If there must be a sequel Would love to see Thor and all the CGI special effects there was not so much Bella. Bella did even play Bella very well let alone Snow White. Universal don't waste your money. Your Oscar nom was not for the actors.


I think the sequel will be fantastic.


Dear author of this article, lets just ignore the ignorant who obviously doesn't want Stewart to be in this movie. Can't wait for this movie!


LOL! I find it funny this girl jumped from that garbage Twilight franchise straight into signing up for another crap franchise. And no-one wants that Bourne sequel, Universal. They are clearly completely desperate to find a franchise now that F&F ends next year.

Yeah, no

Even Charlize couldn't make this movie work. The whole thing was just terrible. Boring and lifeless, with a wooden, inert performance from Stewart. The sequel will be a flop, I don't know why they are bothering.

oogle monster

No one wants to see a sequel to Snow White. Charlize won't be in it so there isn't a damn thing worth paying for.

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