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Terry Crews, Sean Combs, Chi McBride Join Chadwick Boseman In NFL Drama ‘Draft Day’

Terry Crews, Sean Combs, Chi McBride Join Chadwick Boseman In NFL Drama 'Draft Day'

Two types of projects that, when announced, you can guarantee will mean work for black actors include: movies about the Transatlantic slave trade, and sports-themed films, especially if the sport is football, basketball, or baseball. 

I’m being silly, but you know what’s up!

Chadwick Boseman is already on-board to play a college linebacker with NFL dreams in the sports drama to be directed by Ivan Reitman titled Draft Day.

Sean Combs, Terry Crews, Chi McBride, David Ramsey, and Arian Foster (who actually plays for the Houston Texans) have also now joined the cast of the film, that stars Kevin Costner as an NFL team’s General Manager who is faced with tough professional and personal choices in the 24-hour period of the NFL Draft.

Also in the cast are Jennifer GarnerEllen Burstyn, Denis Leary and Frank Langella. Although, other than Boseman and Costner, no word on what roles exactly the other actors will play.

I’d guess that Crews will probably play a veteran football player. Just a wild guess. Or he might be on the coaching staff of Costner’s team.

As for Diddy Combs, your guess is as good as mine. Nothing about him screams football player to me.

McBride might be on staff, while Ramsey and Foster will likely play football players.

Shooting is set to start this week in New York, where and when the real-life NFL draft day will take place at Radio City Music Hall (this weekend), and then production will move to Cleveland.

Kudos to Boseman and Crews on getting new work; but I can’t say the same about Diddy. I’m sorry Diddy fans. 

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My guess is Diddy could be an agent too!

Miss Tee

I can see Combs playing a shady agent because he is kinda of a shady agent in real life LOL #NoTeaNoShade


Since when is Sean Combs an actor? As you said in your piece, NOTHING about him screams football player — unless, of course, you're talking about European football.

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