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Trailer Watch – ‘Elysium’ The New Film From The Director Of ‘District 9’

Trailer Watch - 'Elysium' The New Film From The Director Of 'District 9'

No doubt many of you out there have been waiting for the next film by South African director Neill Blomkamp who wrote and directed District 9 which a lot of people liked (though I had some major problems with it).

Now here’s your first look at his eagerly anticipated new sci-fi/actioner Elysium which comes out this summer on August 9th.

No need to tell you who’s in it and what’s it about since the trailer does a good job of that without giving away any major plot spoilers and to follow Tambay’s usual wont – Could a black director have made this film?

Hey don’t get mad at me – blame him!

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District 9 Hater

What's not to like about District 9? The 'subtle' mindless africans as roaches metaphor, and the barbaric Nigerians get you riled up? C'mon. Stop being so sensitive. I mean, the director was just kiddin' right? Plus, didn't the sci-fi mech and gun fights look soooooooo cool? Man, what a GREAT movie!

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