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Trailers from Hell: Josh Olson on Wachowskis’ Overlooked and Underrated Flop, ‘Speed Racer’

Trailers from Hell: Josh Olson on Wachowskis' Overlooked and Underrated Flop, 'Speed Racer'

“Speed Racer”

Overlooked and Underrated Week begins at Trailers from Hell with screenwriter Josh Olson introducing the Wachowskis’ $120 million live-action version of Tatsuo Yoshida’s 52-episode anime series, “Speed Racer,” a major critical and commercial flop.

The film underwent 17 years of
development, and involved such names as Julien Temple, Gus Van
Sant,  Alfonso Cuaron, J.J. Abrams, Vince
Vaughan, Johnny Depp and more. Shot largely against Greenscreen at Germany’s
Babelsberg Studios, the unnecessarily convoluted plot confused kids and bored
adults, but its brilliantly realized cinematics are destined to be cited as a
milestone in the advancement of filmic storytelling techniques.

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Nooj Kim

Would love for Mr. Olson to do a commentary for the full film one day!

Been a devotee of this film from the day I saw it in a 70mm IMAX theater.

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