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‘True Blood’ Star Alexander Skarsgard The Latest Rumored Name For ‘The Crow’ Reboot

‘True Blood’ Star Alexander Skarsgard The Latest Rumored Name For ‘The Crow’ Reboot

The sewers are running white with face paint, as “The Crow” reboot has led a series of actors, from Bradley Cooper to James McAvoy, into discussions of slathering it on for the lead role. “The Avengers” star Tom Hiddleston was the latest name to arise as a possibility, but now it seems another actor’s scheduling troubles may have snagged him the role instead.

Hiddleston’s involvement with Relativity Media’s re-launched franchise — widely reported as it was — looks to be nothing more than a brief conversation about the role, according to Deadline. The one to reportedly watch now? “True Blood” and “The East” star Alexander Skarsgard, recently left with a gap in his schedule after David Yates’ “Tarzan” reboot, in which he was set to star, fell through over at WB.

Budget troubles were the issue there, but one has to wonder about the costs surrounding the forever-developing “The Crow” — set to be directed by F. Javier Gutierrez (“Before The Fall”) — and how much longer the project can keep toying with a lead before settling down and getting into production. No official offer has been sent over to the actor yet, but here’s hoping he accepts and this thing gets in motion.

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While Brandon Lee's death was tragic, I'm sure he'd be professional enough to agree that the film was not a shrine. The movie is going forward regardless of who will get the lead. Alex would do a phenomenal job, as always, and he would give ge role the respect it's due in the process.


Just give it a rest, we don't want another "The Crow". We really like the one that we have and no matter who stars as Eric Dane wont make a difference. Stop remaking these movies Hollywood be more creative.

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