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Universal Brings ‘Dracula’ Back To Life With A Summer 2014 Date

Universal Brings 'Dracula' Back To Life With A Summer 2014 Date

So, is Luke Evans the next “thing”? Universal seems to think so. Set to make life hard for Vin Diesel and his muscled out bros in “Fast & Furious 6” this summer, the Brit actor is now getting his own franchise, and its getting a big release date.

Universal has stamped August 8, 2014 for “Dracula,” formerly known as “Dracula Year Zero.”  A former Sam WorthingtonAlex Proyas vehicle, the movie penned by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless is an origin story, showing how young Prince Vlad sacrifices himself at the hands of a bloodthirsty sultan and becomes the first vampire. Gary Shore is making his directorial debut on the movie, so the stakes are high in more ways than one.

Can Universal revitalize their monster movie archive of characters? Do we really need to known the origins of Dracula? Luke Evans? So many questions….

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The Last Voyage of Demeter which Neil Marshall is slated to direct sounds like a MUCH better thing to do with Dracula.

Harley Quinn

They'd be better off doing a film on the real life Vlad and leaving out the made up vampire crap. His story in and of itself is extremely interesting.


They'd be better off remaking the 1931 film's story, and this time go all out on the sexy stuff.


This 'origin story' crap is so utterly braindead.

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