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Watch: 3 Stylish & Violent Clips From Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Only God Forgives’

Watch: 3 Stylish & Violent Clips From Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Only God Forgives'

While the story behind “Only God Forgives” will be the reunion between “Drive” director and star, Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling, is it too early to declare that Kristin Scott Thomas might steal the show? Possibly, but in these three new clips from the movie she stands tall above the whiskey glass smashing and chase sequences.

Refn has always been a filmmaker with impeccable visual taste, and here it seems to be in full command. From Gosling calmly, mutely clenching his fists and then unhurriedly waiting to beat on someone to a very calmly unfolding cat and mouse came through the streets of Bangkok, Refn controls every frame, but will it be too much? Leave it to Scott Thomas then to truly make the screen sizzle first by calling Gosling’s female companion a cumdumpster and then going on to describe the differing cock sizes between her two sons. It’s great, hilarious, dark stuff.

See for yourself below. “Only God Forgives” hits Cannes next month and opens on July 19th. [Cine Republic]

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Michael M.

This is a highly subversive work of art-house craftsmanship. It's what we define as high-art/culture. Grow a brain, quit bitching and marvel at the sheer ingenuity for once. I'm more than satisfied with Refn's stylized methodology, this is cinema.
Thank god none of you are involved in the film-making industry.


Gosling broods. Gosling walks slow motion. Gosling barely speaks and when he does it, it's really SLOWLY. Guns and violence. The end.

Same for every single Ryan gosling movie.


Bullshit bullshit bullshit. Emptiness and pretty colors. Oh and a train wreck. Everybody likes a train wreck. Or a plane crash. Oh he through some grease in a guys face. That's so clever. Gosling is lost in his own pretense. And what KST is doing isn't actually very difficult. If the director wasn't so good at making you smell his farts you might notice there's no real story. Or not one that he knows anything about.


I can't be the only one to think these clips signal a cringe-worthy movie ahead, can I? These characters, they way they act are not representation of 'real', 'truthful' in any sense. They behave like cartoon characters now. The violence and the stylisation of it are laughable and videogame-like. Nice visuals but ultimately empty…


wow that first clip was stylish and incredible with the dialogue spot on and pitch perfect and Gosling was electrifying even though he just sat there like a mummified corpse. So excited


Kirstin Scott Thomas looks ugly physically in this movie and it would be nice if Gosling again talks in the movies now

Adam Scott Thompson

Ha! Made me think of Al Green when he threw that hot grease in the assassin's face. Kristin Scott Thomas has always been a great yet underrated actor. Provided her role is all that's been advertised, maybe the Academy will show her some love — if only to atone for Albert Brooks.


The soundtrack for this is gonna be stellar.

Alan B

This isn't a complaint, but I think this film will be far more divisive amongst critics than 'Drive'. Whilst The Driver was a sociopath, you could still empathize with his motivation: to protect Irene and her son. In this film, Gosling's character is a drug-smuggling(!) fugitive(!!) who killed a cop(!!!) and is tasked by his gangster mother(!!!!) to avenge the death of his brother … who was killed for murdering a prostitute(!!!!!). Who can identify with ANY OF THIS?


First two clips were amazing

tristan eldritch

Looks amazing. First clip reminds me of Enter the Void. Second clip has a real Lynchian sound design. Looks like some weird Freudian psychodrama/psychedelic pulp odyssey – can't wait.


Two movies and it's starting to get old?

oogle monster

My only worry here is that Gosling is retreating back into the no dialogue zone. It worked in Drive, but it's starting to get old. The kid can act- let him speak!

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