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Watch: 4-Minute Alternate Ending For ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Gets The Entire Gang Back Together

Watch: 4-Minute Alternate Ending For 'Silver Linings Playbook' Gets The Entire Gang Back Together

While we anxiously await the oddball awesomeness David O. Russell is cooking up with “American Hustle,” let’s take a victory lap with “Silver Linings Playbook.” The screwball rom-com nabbed 8 Oscar nominations resulting in a Best Actress win for Jennifer Lawrence, who shined among a uniformly excellent ensemble in the tale of one man’s journey to find a happy medium between his mental illness and the troubles in his life. It’s charming, winning stuff, and one extra moment that didn’t make it to theaters is now available for you to enjoy at home.

The alternate ending to the movie — which is more like a coda — has landed online, and it gives us a final few minutes with pretty much every character in the movie stopping by. And that includes David O. Russells own son, reprising his brief appearance from earlier in the picture (see the kid above holding up the digital camera next to JLaw). We can only imagine this sequence was cut for time — the movie is already slightly over 2 hours — and the general tone is slightly out of sync with the energetic pitch of the rest of picture, including the triumphant finale.

But it’s substantial, running eight minutes long, and definitely worth a watch. “Silver Linings Playbook” arrives on home video on April 30th.

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Jennifer Lawrence shined in SLP – her nuanced, layered dramedic performance and her great chemistry with her costar completely made the film. Robert De Niro's and Jacki Weaver's effective supporting turn helped ground the story.

This movie was perfectly rated. It was heartwarming, funny, had a great script, and great direction. It was intelligence, nuanced, and relatable, and I very much enjoyed the references and homage to the old romantic comedies and screwball comedies of the 30's 40's and 50's.

It's good that they cut this scene because it doesn't really work with the vibe and direction of the rest of the film.


I loved the movie, but this scene really doesn't work for me. I'm glad they lost it.


most overrated film of the year

phil n.

Jennifer Lawrence didn't shine in SLP . Her laughable accent and her over-the-top / lack of depth performance was a distraction. Now, Robert DeNiro shines. He gave his most decent performance in years.


YAY more JLaw! Hopefully there is lots of bonus features on the DVD.


YAY more JLaw! Hopefully there is lots of bonus features on the DVD.

Meredith Brody

Nice little coda.

Meredith Brody

Nice little coda.

Meredith Brody

Nice little coda.

Harley Quinn

Unavailable in Canada *sigh* I got all excited for nothing.

Steven Flores

The original ending was better but this was pretty funny.


Whoops, my bad. 4 minutes, you are right.


8 minutes long? why is the video then only about 4 minutes?

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