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Watch: ABC Family’s ‘Batman Begin’s Promo Takes The “Dark” Out Of The Dark Knight

Watch: ABC Family's 'Batman Begin's Promo Takes The "Dark" Out Of The Dark Knight

That ABC Family is even showing “Batman Begins” in the first place is a whole other conversation (though, the cable company also snapped up the TV rights to “The Hunger Games,” so what do we know). But they are aware that a dark movie about a guy grieving over his parents’ murder who decides to use the family’s corporate abilities to build military grade equipment to fight a mad scientist who wants to basically make an entire city drop acid probably isn’t the easiest sell for young kids. So, here’s this instead…

The ABC Family TV spot for “Batman Begins” is pretty hilarious, ditching all of the Christopher Nolan darkness to promote a movie about a guy who “fights for family and lives for love.” Amazing. So much for The Dark Knight, right? Check it out below and then compare it with the original trailer for the movie. [AV Club]

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LOL, I'm so glad somebody picked this up. I was like, "WTF!?" when I first saw it.


damn fine piece of journalism! seriously though, thanks for posting this, made my laugh


I think they used every shot of Bruce Wayne smiling from the entire movie in that one promo.


"Fights for family"

Like when he decides to shoot his parents' killer during the trial?

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