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Watch Animated Short Film ‘Swing Of Change’ About Racist Barber (Short Shouts!)

Watch Animated Short Film 'Swing Of Change' About Racist Barber (Short Shouts!)

Today’s Short Shout! is a graduation short film directed by Harmony Bouchard, Andy Le Cocq, Joakim Riedinger, and Raphael Cenzi.
It’s titled Swing Of Change, and its synopsis reads: New York 30’s – Harry, a racist barber changes his mind at the arrival of a magical trumpet in his barber shop.
Watch the 6 1/2-minute short animated film below:

Swing of Change from Swing of Change on Vimeo.

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Interesting. Very interesting. Cute animated short. Of course I have my own opinions about the story. But maybe it's to just be enjoyed for what it is: 6 minutes of feel good change from a white perspective.

Magical Negro, indeed, though. Lol, Aaron.


A racist changes his mind because of a "Magic Negro". How original, I've never ever ever seen any movie of this kind in my life…..:sarcasm:

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