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Watch: Chris Hemsworth & Daniel Bruhl Rev Their Engines In First Trailer For Ron Howard’s ‘Rush’

Watch: Chris Hemsworth & Daniel Bruhl Rev Their Engines In First Trailer For Ron Howard's 'Rush'

The racing genre as a whole doesn’t offer a lot to choose from, particularly when it comes to dramas that just stick to the race track and don’t burn your retinas like “Speed Racer” or jack up your experience with ‘splosions like the “Fast & Furious” franchise. In fact, it’s been a while since we’ve had a movie set strictly on the race track, but Ron Howard‘s “Rush” is not only getting behind that wheel, but also telling a great story.

The first trailer for “Rush” has shifted into the fast lane over at MSN UK,, and the movie stars Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl as English racer James Hunt and Austrian Niki Lauda respectively. The duo had a longstanding rivalry, and in 1976, Lauda nearly died when his Ferrari swerved off the track in only the second lap of the German Grand Prix and crashed, putting Lauda a coma, with Hunt going on to win the race. Six weeks later, Lauda was back behind the wheel chasing Hunt at the Italian Grand Prix and followed him to the Canadian and U.S. Grand Prix as well. Olivia Wilde leads the supporting cast as model Suzy Miller, who fell in love with and married the notoriously womanizing Hunt, while “Control” actress Alexandra Maria Lara is also on board as Lauda’s girlfriend (there’s no sign yet of the rumored cameo by Russell Crowe as actor Richard Burton…).

With an early fall release date set — and with the movie having shot in the spring of 2012, presumably it will be ready well in advance — could Universal have an awards season player? Howard seems to be channeling the ’70s aesthetic of “Frost/Nixon” (also written by “Rush” scribe Peter Morgan), and the film looks solid enough, though it remains to be seen if it breaks the curse of F1 movies. Watch the trailer below and let us know your thoughts. “Rush” races into cinemas on September 20th (and in the UK on September 13th), so it looks like a Venice or TIFF premiere is in the works.

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Mr Anonymous

Brilliant trailer. I'm in!

Hopefully a return to form for Howard.


I think this looks very SOLID.


I am digging this.

Alan B

I am not sure "solid" is the right term. Visually, the film looks spectacular thanks to Anthony Dod Mantle's ultra-kinetic lighting, but the story seems a little dull and plodding. There is a lot of mile-yard staring from Hunt, but it seems as if Lauda is the more interesting character. Hopefully, this is because StudioCanal wants to sell the action and not because of any deficiencies in Morgan's script. Oh, and Crowe has already said he isn't playing Burton. Oh, and why the crap has the production cast Christian McKay been cast in the film, but NOT as Burton. That's ridiculous. He looks reasonably like him and can apparently do a spot-on impersonation of the Welshman. Oh and – if you haven't seen it – check out Frank Gorshin's Burton impersonation (which I can't post a link to … because of spammers): Sammy Davis Junior's reaction to the "brillo pad with legs" line is classic. Oh, and Patrick Baladi is in the film too, who played Neil Godwin – aka the decent boss – in the Merchant and Gervais' 'The Office'.


Yeah! Can´t wait!!

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