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Watch: Crime Gets A Holiday In Trailer For Thriller ‘The Purge’ With Ethan Hawke

Watch: Crime Gets A Holiday In Trailer For Thriller 'The Purge' With Ethan Hawke

Wait, what is this movie? We have to admit either this flew entirely under our radar, we forgot about it or just plain didn’t care. And maybe that’s how Universal felt as well considering “The Purge” comes out next month and they’re only starting to market the thing now, but, since it’s coming from Team Blumhouse, the budget was probably about a million bucks and they’ll make money on this if just five people show up. Considering it’s a violent thriller with a “clever” premise from guys behind “Paranormal Activity” and “Sinister,” people will probably line up in droves.

The first trailer for “The Purge” is here and it presents a pretty simple concept. Future America is happy and prosperous because one night per year, for twelve years, people are legally allowed to go on a violent crime spree with no consequences. All that changes for one family — headed up by slick Ethan Hawke and hot Lena Headey — whose annual lock-down goes awry when their son presses the DISARM button (lol) on their sophisticated alarm system, letting in someone on-the-run from some masked dudes. Cue loud noises.

Sigh, whatever. You’re either down with this or bored already. Trailer below. “The Purge” happens on May 31st.

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The premise doesn't stand up to even basic common sense.


Yeah I agree w/ folks below… not completely but I see where their coming from. And why all the hate for Ethan Hawke I wish some1 would give this guy some mainstream roles for fuckin Petes sake….

But I will say this trailer is a bit, dam, what a concept/idea ….lol. It is kinda peculiar and interesting to say the least. The movie looks like it will deliver some suspense & scares tho, hope it makes some money


I think Kevin (article writer) decided it might be fun to write from the perspective of a 16 year-old girl.


If the crime is legal, why the masks???

Mr Anonymous

Don't quite understand the negative attitude or dismissive tone of your article here. I think it's a clever idea for a movie – not been done before, and going by the trailer yeah i'd go see it. It looks kinda freaky.

'People will probably line up in droves' – what of it? Sure, it could be a stinker but you takes the risks. I've not seen one truly-god-damn-awful Ethan Hawke movie. Not every movie made can be The Master!

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