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Watch: Dominic Cooper, Dan Stevens & Emily Browning Spend ‘Summer In February’ In New Trailer

Watch: Dominic Cooper, Dan Stevens & Emily Browning Spend 'Summer In February' In New Trailer

Well, here’s something of a different flavor for those of you perhaps already exhausted (or preparing to be exhausted) by summer movie madness. A period drama, based on an acclaimed novel, featuring some solid actors, all against a windswept UK backdrop — do you like the sound of that? Well, keep reading on…

The first trailer for Brit indie “Summer In February” has arrived and while it may seem like a “Parade’s End” do-over complete with a doomed marriage, and pre-WWI love triangle, we’re also sorta suckers for this kind of stuff. Based on the book by Jonathan Smith (who also wrote the screenplay), mostly-TV director Christopher Menaul takes the helm of the story centers on a love triangle that develops in the life of painter Alfred Munnings (Dominic Cooper), the famed British artist who took a marked stand against modernism. He marries the young and beautiful Florence Carter-Wood (Emily Browning), but her heart lies with his best friend Gilbert Evans (“Downtown Abbey” star Dan Stevens). Cue strings and pained expressions of longing!

We kid, and like we said, this is usually right up our alley. “Summer In February” opens in the UK on June 14th — no domestic distributor for this one yet. Watch below.

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James Vincent

This looks incredible. A true British story… It won't be being called an 'indie' film in a year's time. It will be a hit.

Ellen Kennedy

I found these actors to be superior to their craft. Movie like this attract an intellectual and sophisticated audience. American, such as myself are moved and excited to see this true-life novel come to the big screen. I guess not everyone can see what a masterpeice is about to be unveiled. Pitty on you!

Alan B

Also, what is the deal with that dolly zoom shot at 1.36? I don't think these filmmakers will be giving the likes of Scorsese or Spielberg sleepless nights anytime soon …

Alan B

Oh for fuck's sake … how does Dan Stevens do it? He's taken his moderate looks and questionable charm and transformed himself into a leading man, loving up the likes of Browning, Dockery and Chastain in the process. I don't particularly dislike him, but I am stunned that producers – and viewers of 'Downton' – see no problem in this pale-faced stiff romanticizing some of the most beautiful actresses in the world.

Oh dear

Zzzzzzzzz….this is such a terrible trailer. It looks like a Sunday afternoon drama. This will do absolutely no money.

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