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Watch Episode One Of Sober, Moody UK Web Series ‘Redemption End’

Watch Episode One Of Sober, Moody UK Web Series 'Redemption End'

Here’s the first episode
of another new web series made in the U.K. entitled Redemptions End. But this one, instead of the usual lighter fare, is a
rather somber and dark dramatic series.

The 4-part series was
created and executive produced by Claudius
, and was written and directed by Daniel
. Both call it “a dark look at what people may be willing to
do when they feel they have no options left

They wanted, as they
say, to make something slower paced, intense
atmosphere with sharp dialogue that should leave the audience entertained

The series deals with
a group of friends who make a bizarre and disturbing plan to steal bodies and then
sell them on the black market. But when the friends convince another friend to
join their group, what eventually follows will leave them all asking “If
life has now a price, what about Death?

The cast for End
includes James Wardell, Claudius Peters
(who plays the role of Michael, pictured second from the right above), Rowan Clift, Daniel Ahmadi, Belinda Fenty
and Gershwyn Eustache Jr, who are all
experienced stage and TV actors.

The series was shot from September to December
2012 with new episodes to be released every two weeks.

Here’s Episode One

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This wasn't bad. I like the way it was shot. But the brother's talk scene was a bit too expository, a bit too long. It could've started in with the obvious tension between the two men, then a quick exchange of words, bring up the story about his father in a more to-the-point way, then cut to the next scene. I think the brother's talk scene and the scene before, with his girlfriend, could've been staged differently to lose the effect of them just sitting in the same place in both scenes, as if all they did was replace the coffee table and moved walls around like they would in a sound stage. Obviously, that wasn't the case but it felt that way. The director should take advantage of the location spaces, use more movement, better staging. For example, the scene of her following him. She was just way too close for me to believe he didn't notice he was being followed. That could've been done in so many ways. Besides that, it was a decent piece. I will tune in for the second episode to see where it's all going.


Intriguing concept and the nighttime stuff looks great, but the pace was not methodical, but plodding. Didn't get interesting until the 9 minute mark. Will watch again to see where it goes, though. Guessing we'll go home with a different crew member in each of the four parts.

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