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Watch: General Zod Has Some Demands In New ‘Man Of Steel’ Teaser

Watch: General Zod Has Some Demands In New 'Man Of Steel' Teaser

Want to get a first look at General Zod in Zack Snyder‘s “Man of Steel“? Well, leave it to Christopher Nolan to keep the cockteasing going just a bit longer as you’ll hear him, and that’s about it….

A brand new spot for the superhero movie has arrived, and Michael Shannon is threatening as fuck, promising some destruction if Clark Kent isn’t handed over. That probably explains that well-circulated still with Superman in cuffs being given a military escort, but as usual with anything involving Nolan and co., these are all story points they feel comfortable releasing because there is a whole other act being kept in the dark. Enticing stuff, nonetheless.

Kneel before Shannon below. “Man of Steel” hits on June 14th.

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sounds a bit like Heath Ledger as the Joker !


I know this is really nit-picking but something in my brain has a problem with the fact that he is so well versed at speaking English. How did he learn it? Did he go to English school on Krypton? Can we be ballsy enough to start having aliens speak alien languages? Or at least include SOMETHING to suggest that English is not his first language.

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