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Watch: ‘Hannibal’ ‘Cannibalizes’ the Episode Pulled Due to the Boston Bombing, Turns It Into a Web Series

Watch: 'Hannibal' 'Cannibalizes' the Episode Pulled Due to the Boston Bombing, Turns It Into a Web Series

“Ceuf,” which would have been the fourth episode of Bryan Fuller’s rather good if extremely gory NBC series “Hannibal,” was pulled due to the Boston bombing last week. Fuller wanted “to be sensitive to where we are as a nation,” according to the network’s announcement, and decided it was better not to air the installment, which was centered around a storyline in which guest star Molly Shannon played a character who brainwashes children to kill other children.

Instead, “Hannibal” will continue right to its fifth episode tonight, Thursday, April 25th, at 10pm with no reported major continuity issues. To bridge the gap, NBC is now offering up portions of “Ceuf” online, with the Shannon plot excised, as a web series to show the developing personal relationship between Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Lecter (who’s not yet been revealed as a serial killer himself) and the other characters, particularly the daughter of the killer tracked down in the series’ pilot.

“We have cannibalized one of our episodes to create a web series that details the relationship between Hannibal Lecter [Mads Mikkelsen] and Abigail Hobbs [Kacey Rohl],” Fuller explains in introducing the first online video. “You’ll notice that as the series goes on this relationship gets much more complicated and becomes a load-bearing element of our storytelling, so we wanted to make sure that you have all the scenes in order to follow the story along.” Check out the web series version of “Ceuf” below — the episode will not be aired on NBC, but will air in international markets.

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I don't know where you get your sources from, but this wasn't pulled because of the bombing.


After seeing the whole thing, I now see why they decided not to air it. It shows storm troopers in black with their assault weapons storming a home. The depiction was unrealistic in that the fire control of the mob in black was REALLY high and there was no hurried shouting from the troopers as is typical of such an event, and of course no "collateral damage", but it was frightening enough as it was and truly reminds us of the scene following the Boston bombing.

The public is afraid — but it is afraid of the troopers in black.


Everywhere on the internet (here too! ) i can read that the title of this episode is Ceuf. It's wrong… the title is OEUF… which means Egg in french.
Actually every episode of Hannibal get a french name around the cuisine.
Please correct that on your website guyz !! Bonne journee et bon appétit.


Yeah, its so stupid. The show is about a murderer who eats people. And when recently did a Child kill anyone? And, anyway, someone is killed everyday, so why have any of these shows at all then?

Juan Forero

Thats simply stupid, what has to be children killing other children with what happened? And by the way, thats exactly the point of terrorism, to make people change their normal habits, so this shows that terrorist have won again. Really stupid!!


This is so pointless. The people who might be affected by the content of this episode are highly unlikely to be watching it no matter what happened a few days ago. The US really needs to get a grip on itself and realize that if you truly believe in freedom of information in regards to media/entertainment, then that means you show the good and the bad no matter how much it hurts.


so it s too violent for tv but we still have not reform the assault weapon law thats is so stupid !!!!!


That's so stupid!! I'll wait for the uncut, too violent for tv blurays thank you

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