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Watch: New Red Band Trailer For ‘Only God Forgives’ Will Knock Your Teeth Out

Watch: New Red Band Trailer For 'Only God Forgives' Will Knock Your Teeth Out

One of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year, at least around these parts, is Nicolas Winding Refn‘s epic reteam with his “Drive” costar Ryan Gosling, “Only God Forgives.” And our anticipatory glee just shot through the roof with the release of a brand new red-band trailer for the movie over at Yahoo, which, after a couple of brief snippets, is the most anybody’s seen of the movie so far. Thankfully, it looks very, very awesome.

The trailer starts out with a long tracking shot down an ominous, red-lit hallway (par for the course, given this is a Refn film), with narration by Kristin Scott-Thomas, hypnotically playing overhead: “When I was pregnant with you, it was strange, you were different… They wanted me to terminate, but I didn’t…” She’s talking about her son, Julian (Gosling), who runs an underground boxing club in Bangkok. He’s not the kind of dude you want to cross.

For the next minute or so, we get tantalizing flashes of scenes – Gosling dragging a goon down a hallway by the goon’s teeth, a bad guy doing some very bad guy things with blades of varying sizes, a shootout at a roadside restaurant, and some kind of neon-lined sex club (from the looks of it). There’s also a great shot of Gosling in a three piece suit, his face bruised and bloody, firing a revolver into the camera.

The trailer ends with Gosling walking up to a bunch of menacing-looking dudes and casually asking, “Do you want to fight?” Um. Yes please.

“Only God Forgives,” also stars Tom Burke, Rathar Phongam and Vithaya Pansringarm, and reteams Refn with his “Drive” composer, Cliff Martinez (currently riding a wave of praise for his awesome work on “Spring Breakers“). Refn has previously described “Only God Forgives” as a continuation of the visual language and heightened emotions of “Drive,” which is certainly evident in the trailer, with its bright neon colors, flashes of violence, and fuel-injected sexuality. We can’t wait.

It opens on July 19th via Weinstein Company imprint Radius. Oh, and that song? It’s by the Thai band Proud and titled “Tur Kue Kwam Fun (Music Box Version).” Listen below.

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Michael Davies

I don't mind violence in a film, but this was just plain sickening. Gosling, sexy and hot as ever does not make you an actor,


I can already see this film being 'ruined' and overrated by obvious Gosling/Refn fanboys. People will be like holy shit Gosling yeah this film is brilliant.


Refn and Wong Kar Wai just had a baby.

If the story is as emotionally resonant as it is stylish, then it could be pretty cool.


Drive 2: Gosling Stares At A Bunch of Asian People This Time (and Occasionally Murders One of Them)


Wow that was impressive. Must echo the common thread of "more of the same from Refn" ….however, if this really is a continuation of some sort of "idea/theme" from DRIVE then that's a different story in my opinion

– Gosling looks in top form per usual… Him & Refn do incredible damage together WOW!!!
But it will be interesting & a testament to his skill for us to see if he differenciates this character from his Drive character… (being that they are not the same person)

– Refn is honestly with his noir/stylistic/colorful niche, is becoming a frontier for a whole new style of filmmaking that I think will become more & more popular in years to come, (esp with the younger audiences)

– Any1 who watches this trailer & is not intrigued…. or not wanting to find out more about the plot/story & what is exactly the movie about, is simply a LIAR (firstly) & a HATER (secondly)….

(I seriously wonder where this film will start & where it will go)

Bryan M. Ferguson

Anyone have 28 seconds to check out my teaser? https:/&#x2F

;61615063 sorry to be one of those guys but, i feel it may be related? (also, I find the trailer intriguing. but a little underwhelmed.




Am I missing something or is there nothing red band-worthy in this trailer? Even violence wise?


looks fucking epic, can't wait!

Michael M.

Looks like a modern classic already, should be devastatingly epic.
Thank you Refn.

Adam Scott Thompson

Full of win.


Why isn't TWC distributing this? Are they putting it in LA/NYC and then seeing if VOD is high enough for a wider release? I don't really understand why they'd release it as such.


I have such a flinch reflex when it comes to the sort of visceral violence Refn constructs in his movies… but it just look so damn good.

tristan eldritch

It might be a bit more of the same, but man it looks bloody stunning.


Yeah, looks like it has the potential to be as bad as Drive. "Trailer director" is right. A few cool images, interesting music; but the film will just drag on with more of the same.


A red band trailer without tits? What were they thinking???


Dumbest move ever to put your fingers into someone else's mouth…unless of course you want to lose your fingers.


Fuck yes


It looks like the guy he walks up to and then is circling at the end is Vithaya Pansringarm but I could be wrong.


the best trailer director currently at work in the cinema. too bad when you go to the actual movie it sucks.


Looks delightful.

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