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Watch: New Trailer For Zack Snyder & Christopher Nolan’s Superman Epic ‘Man Of Steel’

Watch: New Trailer For Zack Snyder & Christopher Nolan's Superman Epic 'Man Of Steel'

Over the weekend when the “Man Of Steel” viral hit — “revealing” Michael Shannon‘s General Zod threatening the Earth — some uber nerds complained that he was speaking perfect English and didn’t have a Kryptonian accent or anything, proving that people will complain about anything. But for the rest of us, “Man Of Steel” is hopefully going to be the superhero highlight (we hope) of the summer, a movie that will flex both brains and brawn and this evening, a brand new trailer has arrived.

Thus far, the actual story has been kept locked down, and all we know is that it’s gonna be emotions that get to Clark Kent, not kryptonite. (Somebody make this dude a mixtape). But this latest promo nails down the story a little more, while also providing plenty of spectacle. And perhaps most importantly, it continues to look like the best thing that Zack Snyder‘s ever done. Will that be the case when the final film arrives?

We’ll find out when “Man Of Steel” flies high on June 14th. Watch the trailer below.

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Soooo anyone notice the name of the building at 2:18?

Clever, Messrs. Goyer, Nolan, and Snyder. Tré clever.


I vaguely remember everyone on these boards ready with knives out once the first 'official' still hit with Cavill up against the bank vault. People ready to completely write off a film because Zack Snyder had just belly-flopped with Sucker Punch. Now, after some kick-ass trailers and a few glowing test screenings, everyone is now expecting it to be THE event of the summer. I think the truth is that Snyder was ALWAYS a great fit for this material. Seems like this one is destined to deliver the goods.


Lois: "What's the 'S' stand for?"
Clark: "It's not an 'S.' On my world, it means hope.'"
Lois: "Well, here it's… an 'S.' How about… Su–"
Clark: "Excuse me"


Not that there's anything wrong with this but even just in the trailer I can see sooooo many parallels with this and Batman Begins. Ten bucks says it ends with a Lex Luthor reference just like BB ended with the Joker card. Still I'll most likely see this opening weekend


People were complaining about Zod's voice? How about Michael Shannon is better than you and he can do whatever the hell he wants.


Yeah I take back my previous shit talking this looks epic. Sheeeeeeeiiiiiitttt


Alright fine I'll fucking see this movie now


I've heard people raving about Man of Steel for a good while now, but I don't think this trailer was all that amazing. At least it didn't spoil the movie (lord those action beats are cut so fast).

oogle monster

GOOD GOD Henry Cavill is incredibly good looking. Holy shit. I love the scene towards the end of the trailer with Amy Adams. Also Sarah over at Cinesnark saw the film and said that many ppl will be surprised with how good it is… so stoked! Between this and Gatsby, this will be the best summer ever!!!!!!


Jeff Sneider ‏@TheInSneider
Two months ago, I planned to predict STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS for a Best Picture nom. I'm now holding the blockbuster slot for MAN OF STEEL. I haven't seen the new trailer yet (no headphones), but have talked to a guy who knows a guy who has seen the film & says 'it's SUPER, man!'

Trailer was cool, but not sure what to feel about the soundtrack.


The Champ is here.


Looks good!

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