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Watch: Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga Are Ghost Hunters In New Trailer For ‘The Conjuring’

Watch: Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga Are Ghost Hunters In New Trailer For 'The Conjuring'

The last time I wrote about “The Conjuring,” some commenters gave me flack for suggesting the first teaser trailer relied too heavily on loud noises and jump scares. Well, what will they have to say about this?

A new full length trailer for the James Wan horror has dropped and okay, I’ll concede the atmosphere and mood it puts together — particularly with the ’70s setting — is pretty nice. But let’s not pretend there isn’t a lot of long dramatic pauses and things being revealed on walls or behind people with a crash of strings and music to emphasize the scare. But you know what? It doesn’t matter what you or I think because audiences eat this stuff up, and it says something that Warner Bros. is dropping this right in the midst of the summer. Clearly, they think this will not only be a genre hit but something with the potential to reach a much wider audience. But one question: why did they ditch the much cooler, old school yellow font for the title from the teaser, and replace it with the boring metallic treatment?

Anyway, “The Conjuring” will try and scare the shit out of you on July 19th. Watch below. [Vlicious!]

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These kind of filmmakers should really stop trying to figure out ways to make you jump and concentrate more on psychology and atmospherics. Has anyone seen the 1991 TV movie "The Haunted"? That was damn good.


Aw, the first trailer was so good, but this one proves it's just going to be another run of the mill entry like Insidious or Sinister. I would have been happy if you never actually saw anything besides those disembodied hands clapping.

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